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The price of orders in the buyer's review is now gone

Does my title make sense? I’m able to see byer’s review and how much they have actually paid for their orders. This actually was very helpful. Being able to sell at higher prices consistently is a sign of a healthy gig. You can learn a lot from people who have healthy gigs and the price of their orders that they are charging.

This was a huge plus for me in understanding how my competition operates and what generally is working on Fiverr and what is not. Seeing consistent 5 dollar orders where a gig that could be charging a whole lot more for their services tells you that Fiverr Seller is doing something wrong. He’s missing key gig extras or he could do a better job at explaining his gig. Wish it came back.

It wasn’t available to many people - sounds like you were one of the few! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

I still can see prices on some gigs. But not all.
And I have noticed that I only can see the amount of the last 5 orders. Previously, I was able to see much more prices.
EDIT: Just noticed that for one seller I can see very old orders and more than 20 orders.

I agree with you, it’s very interesting if you want to spy your competitors. But I still can’t understand how this information can help buyers.

I will say it helps buyers in this regard, if a buyer sees someone with consistent orders that are high amounts it tells them people are willing to pay more and it speaks to their quality of what they are putting out.