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The prices that buyers demand are ridiculous

Hello everybody

This whole 5 dollar thing is plain wrong and if you check buyer requests you can truly see people expect you to make them 100 drawings lets say for 20 bucks.

Example: Someone wanted 100 designs of a character for that amount…Now hold up, nobody shouldnt even do 100 outlines of a characters for such money, its outrageous how most people do not understand what it takes to become an artist.

”50 dollars for a hyper realistic drawing ? Damn thats too much bro !” …yeah why dont you go ahead and practice for years to draw and master more techniques and etc…its just sad how people dont realize the effort artists have put in their craft, because what we do is a craft just like any other whether is digital art or traditional…and just like any other craft you have to put effort passion and a lot of time in it…

But anyway thats my opinion, what do you guys think ?

Also if someone that knows can give me some advices on my gigs would be great.

Hi, I moved this to the Ranting Pot, as this is more in line with your post.

As for your argument, yes too many people do expect the world for $5. Some of these people assume that you must be poor and willing to do literally anything for money. Others assume that this is your hobby and they are doing you a favour by throwing some change your way like they would a street artist. All you can do is politely decline to work for less than you consider your talents worth.

As for your gigs, they look great. Maybe just think about expanding on your descriptions to incorporate more SEO and help funnel more viewers into contacting you and making purchases.

That’s why I do writing.

Well. That’s a bit sarcastic and a bit wrong. Writing takes just as much attention to detail as art does, but for some reason, I have an easier time negotiating and getting work as a writer.

I actually started off with illustration on Fiverr (in fact, can even see I offer an illustration gig) because I love art as a passion, and I originally wanted to be a freelance illustrator. Wasn’t getting any attention, but I write decently well so I started up a writing Gig to expand my repertoire. Now, writing is all I do. Haven’t had an illustration gig yet aside from some off-site stuff.

For some reason though the buyers from each gig are different. If I tell a buyer for my writing that I won’t do 10,000 words for $5 they’ll generally accept my price if they really want me. If I tell a buyer for art that I won’t do a full fledged illustration with my best tools and paper for $5 they act offended and just goes and hire someone else who’s willing to do it for a review.

As far as advice? Your gigs look good, and your art inspires me to pick my pencil back up. Don’t let abusive buyers negotiate you for far less than your worth, you’ll get there.

I recently had a buyer say to me they didn’t feel like they’d gotten 30.00 worth of work because they’d gotten so much more for so much less. I didn’t answer the way I wanted to but it sort of goes along with this thread. She wanted the moon for nothing and even a pretty cheap 30.00 logo she expected MORE. It’s odd but sort of how Fiverr rolls I guess.

Feel your pain

Judging by your portrait portfolio, you’re under-charging. That’s pretty common on Fiverr, and might be unavoidable. I’m not a seller here, so I’m only looking at it from a buyer’s perspective.

But yes, there are buyers who want the moon on a stick for a handful of stale peanuts. And, those buyers tend to be the most irritating and hard to please… and likeliest to cancel after they have your work in hand.

If you want to expand your offerings to add a lower price point, perhaps you might consider adding “colouring book” drawings, or something similar?

Anyway, your portraits and illustrations are gorgeous. Best wishes for success in your business venture.

There should be a service trade system for buyers who want big discounts.
When someone wants 100 drawings lets say for 20 bucks.
You could just do the work for 20 bucks and the buyer will owe you 99 hours of work before getting access to the files. Simple fair and everybody wins.