The Private Feedback screen has changed


Well, it was bound to happen. The private feedback portion has changed. I logged on to rate and I get this instead of what I am used to with the emoji and writing what I like/dislike. It does make it easier for buyers.


I think that’s a step towards the right direction. Presenting buyers with some clear and simple multiple choice answers vs a personal essay.

@gina_riley2 thank you for the screengrab!


Thanks, Frank.

Kinda off topic, but since its my thread –

I really like your Pro gig. It’s quite impressive. I’ve been looking at many others and yours stand out among the rest of Pro animators. I don’t want to criticize others, so I was going to use you as an example as to what I like on a different thread.


Awww. That really means a lot to me. Thank you.

I worked really hard on it so any positive feedback makes me feel better for all those sleepless nights!


There should also be “all of the above” listed among the choices. :wink: Unless it isn’t included in your screenshot.


I assume you can select more than one? @gina_riley2 can confirm



Unfortunately, all of the above is not an option. There is no section for additional comments like before.

I think there should be more options or an option for “Other” with fill in the blank.


Unfortunately, it only allowed one selection.

Hoping, they will change that. They’re probably tweaking it and this is first stage.


Looks good, though I hope some of the mentioned things under ‘How can the seller improve their service’ won´t get buyers to rethink the 5 stars they clicked first, I’m not quite sure anyhow why I should provide revisions at all when Fiverr just lets buyers ask for revisions indefinitely anyway. :wink:

Well, I guess, at least one can only pick one for the ‘could improve’ then too. I do hope it leaves the option to not click either, at least, too :eyes: And I agree that ‘Other/fill in the blank’ should be added.

Thanks for sharing the screen, Gina!


Other, fill in blank can be used by buyer to type in

“All of the above” (hopefully, for like) :slight_smile:

“None of the above” (hopefully, for dislike) :frowning:


Hmmm - that seems like a bit of an oversight - checkboxes would have been better than radio buttons IMHO - that said, it’s really useful to see this from the buyer’s perspective. Thanks for posting.


Agreed. Checkboxes, normally means we can select more than one.

I’d like an " Overall great experience" as an option. I have many sellers providing exceptional service in all three categories and more. :slight_smile::heart:


The “All of the above”, “None of the above”, and the checkboxes are okay. But just like what you said, the additional comments is better and I agree with that. I really appreciate buyers who take the time to let me know what I need to improve on so that I can work on it. :smiley:


The thing is, what does private feedback even accomplish? This is the first time I have even seen this and it worries me. What, after all, happens if a buyer says that they loved how easy a person was to work with? Does this then indicate to Fiverr that this seller doesn’t provide as high-quality deliveries as other sellers?

Also, who would not say that they want extra included revisions or better value for money? Moreover, why is this even called private feedback? Private feedback suggests that buyers are giving private feedback to sellers themselves to help them tweak their business. This isn’t the case at all, though. This is Secret feedback which Fiverr itself uses to do seemingly derranged and counterproductive (for most people) things to things like its search algorithm.

Down with it. However, nice it looks in a popup window, it’s just another unfathomable layer of needless madness to the whole Fiverr experience.


It’s probably justified if it somehow weeds out the truly bad sellers but what happens to them isn’t known. It does create paranoia in me that while my buyers are ecstatic judging by the messages they send, they might be privately venting how much they despised my service and gig.


@digipixtrooper: You do know this is private feedback and is not shown to the seller. It goes directly to the 5r quality assurance team.

Whoa, @cyaxrex, love the new pic, didn’t recognize you. Private feedback isn’t new. It’s been around for awhile; they just redid it to make it easier. Only the stars are mandatory; the circles are optional. I marked “High quality delivery” to all the sellers I bought from yesterday and today as I felt that was the most important one for the sellers.

I left the “How can the seller improve their service?” section empty or didn’t mark it at all. I hit next and it went through fine.

I may have to create a thread to educate new buyers on how to do that.

@misscrystal: I could have sworn someone wrote that there is a private feedback for buyers that sellers do as well back around April timeframe? That created paranoia in me as well, so I know how you’re feeling.


I’m glad to hear that the buyer can leave the bottom negative part blank. I don’t think any of those choices fit with my service.


Well can anyone have idea about the purpose of this private feedback? It’s importance? Where and why does fiverr use it?


Don’t know. Something a staff is better equipped to answer.


Ok thanks! I think this feedback should be taken after the main one because some buyers may leave after it thinking that they have done all…