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The Private Feedback screen has changed


Whoops! My mistake. Sorry about that.


I think they should at least allow multiple choice on the answers and not just 1 choice for each question.
Also I think really they should have a comments box too, maybe they’ve taken it out because they didn’t really read it/take much notice of it (though a comments box would allow the user to be more specific and let Fiverr now of any specific issues etc.), and now they are just having a couple of options to make it easier to see at a glance any possible issues (eg. they could do charts etc. of all the buyers for a particular gig and their votes/answers or those from all buyers who purchased from each seller) or make other aspects of the site (eg. the search engine etc.) make use of the data (though it isn’t much use I think without making it multiple choice. It could also do with more options for each question. It could also allow you to enter it in a particular order/give some sort of weighting (eg. I liked the “high quality delivery” most, the “great communication” 2nd best etc.). Sorry about the long paragraph.


This feature only for Buyer. When buyer accept your delivery then private feedback appear on display


@gina_riley2 I forgot to ask this: are there more than 3 questions in your Private Feedback? Because based from your screenshot, it doesn’t seem like there are more.


I think it’s a great thing. If a person gives you and me 5 stars, but then tells the quality team that you did a great job, but doesn’t say that about me, then that SHOULD mean something.

Some buyers don’t want to give any seller less than 5 stars, but in the private survey they can tell Fiverr about something there weren’t happy with.

The Fiverr team SHOULD use this into as part of the overall ranking.

If both you and me have a hundred 5 star reviews, but the private reviews are better for you, then that should be the tie-breaker that ranks you higher than me.

I think it’s one of the reasons not all 5 star gigs are equal. IF you get more people in private saying you’re amazing, then that should rank you higher than me.

Conversely, some people don’t want to say anything negative in public, but in private they may share that I was mean, or didn’t deliver as well as I could, or something similar.

Overall I think it’s great.

This has been around for a year or so. At that time I was told it wasn’t presented to all buyers after they rate, that may or may not have changed.


I really don´t understand this double-feedback feature.

Especially if a seller gets a “bad” private feedback, he will never know what was criticised, so he is not able to fix that. Actions? No actions!

My opinion: One unique transparent feedback, visible for all involved parts.


You make a good point. What if someone gets great public feedback but bad private feedback? Which is the true one?

I wonder if the private feedback affects our rankings or what affect it has.

Also those choices don’t cover a lot of things that could be wrong.


Only two for now.

Who knows, they could tweak it as time goes by.


Yeah exactly… I have idea about it


I wonder if it’s a step in the direction that Upwork does. A customer can rate you a 5 star but in private feedback grade you less which will affect some sort of Job Success Score and because it’s private you never know which buyer rated you low.


:thinking: Around April 1st timeframe? :wink:


If someone rates me good in public but bad in private, I’d suspect the private one is the most accurate.

Many people don’t want to say something negative about someone in public. (A good thing.)

But in private they will often be more truthful.

If we are doing a great job, we have nothing to worry about. Remember it’s still relative to our peers. We could get a mean person who rates us low in private, but everybody will have a few of those who just wanted something for nothing.

It’s like 5 star ratings. I still believe if we do enough, we’ll have a few that don’t like us for some reason, but that will be balanced out by the good ones we get. As long as they get enough of them to establish a pattern, then it all works out in the wash.

If they just have 5 internal surveys, that means nothing… If 50 people say I’m tough to deal with… That’s a trend and should count against me…

If in private both you and I have a hundred 5 star ratings, and you have 50 “excellent” private ratings and I have 45, I hope they rate you higher in the searches. It makes sense, as long as they get enough data points.

When this stuff is used for ranking purposes, it’s customary for developers to figure out the top 2 to 5% at the top and bottom, and throw those out when looking for trends. That takes out the “crazy person” buyers.

Also when they are looking for the next TRS, it wouldn’t surprise me if they go through those surveys to see if anybody stands out from the crowd in a specific category.

No idea how they are using this, but I was involved in some database projects a decade ago.


Wow…wasn’t aware of this change. I was online today when a customer sent me this message:


For the rating, it is asking:

How Can The Seller Improve Their Service

Closely follow requirements

Offer better value for money

Provide included revisions

Be more responsive

Which would you prefer for me to click. I have to choose one, and I feel like none of them apply. You were great!


Fiverr is forcing the buyer to choose a negative even if they don’t want to.


Only the stars are mandatory.

The positive & negative section are optional. Click below for the section above.

The Private Feedback screen has changed


Ha, ha! Possibly!! :laughing:


I told the client he could just skip it but he told me he couldn’t and had to choose something. I guess I’m going to have to make a purchase and check it out for myself.


I’m sure most buyers would like more for the money.

It needs to say “optional” above the comment section. I’m sure a lot of buyers think they have no choice but to pick something in each section.

Please report back here anyone who buys something and let us know if this is optional.


Can’t see the difference between secret ver public reviews if your are confident in your gig quality it’s shouldn’t matter