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The problem with revisions, refunds, and buyer satisfaction

I do not think that there is any way to know that with certainty…but somehow our communication with them can give us some idea about the buyer…asking for references may help…ask them about the clear idea of what they are looking for…Still we can not take the risk to avoid any buyer before the order just because of our assumptions…Experience is the key i think,…Just experience once and avoid later…

I like this James

Thank For Information,

You can make it mandatory to fill up all the information, for instance I have four requirements. It is structured. In the first requirement, buyer has to attach a file of guidelines, that too in pdf or word format. Attaching the file is mandatory (Once a buyer attached a kid’s photograph to escape this :)). I have very specifically mentioned that I do not work if they just take an image and attach it. At the second level, they have to answer in yes or no according to their requirements and the third and fourth requirement is optional but based on the yes/no choice made in the second requirement. This has an advantage. Buyer first buys an order, then fills up the requirement. If the buyer is unsure or do not know what to do, the order does not get complete and they have to contact me. It works well for me. I actually learned it hard while ordering from @jamesbulls. James’ customer service is just amazing.

There are some red alert signs actually. They may ask if you offer unlimited revisions. If they say so to me, I say that I only offer one modification. So these type of things you can decipher and an important sign if the buyer is expecting a lot from a low value order.

in your “requirements” make them multiple choice & mandatory. That way they will have no choice but to answer you clearly & they can’t back track & make you do redos when it clearly says what they need in their order.

I read maximum of all seller friends review… my problem is a little changed. i face so kind of buyers, they ask me for revisions and i offer unlimited revisions. when they get their required design they told me to refund.
i spend days on there order and finally they want refund so how can i refund, if i not then a bad review is ready for me.
last day i haven’t refund a buyer he contact customer support and the customer support cancel the order after its completion.

it is too disappointing for me. the customer support team even like to ask me any thing and they cancel the order.

How to find out that the buyer is a fraud and want to work for free… he pay you well, want his work well but at the last, please refund…

What to do with these kind of buyers??

I do not think any buyer will be happy to order the gig if seller allow only one modification to them…!!

@divyagoel It depends from niche to niche. I know one thing if I need to modify it more than once, I am not a good academic writer. If I need more than one revision, it is either a fault in buyer’s clarifications or in my understanding. I explain it this way only. In my niche, I am usually given a very clear set of guidelines, I follow that point by point. I never had a chance to modify actually. Once I worked with a buyer who was a little unclear about the final report design. It was vague but I accepted it as a challenge and worked with him. I was required to modify that time, may be twice and that too editing not rewriting but in the end that buyer gave me a tip of 60 dollars (it was 1/3rd of the order value). So this works for me.

It is strange. I always got the repeat work from the buyers when they said so.

Okk…i understood how it goes for you…and yes It depends from niche to niche…

I’m in the process of going through this right now. I got a custom gig from someone and it has now turned into over 8 hours of work - and he’s still making requests. I wrote an article about it on Medium:

I think I’ll probably end up taking down my gigs after this experience and focusing on earning on YouTube in the future.


I also used to suffer from this :frowning: