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The "Promote" feature is awful and I hate it

Since it has been implemented all my impressions went down, the CPC is absurdly high for my gigs (0.45$ CPC on average) and that’s crazy because before this was implemented I was getting 500-1000 clicks weekly. This month has been the worst month for the past two years and I just got a notification that my other gigs are “Eligible for promotion” as well… No, thank you! The 20% commission that I’m paying the platform are more than enough… Don’t know what your thoughts are, but I hate this! For the clicks I was getting on the current CPC I’ll have to pay 450$. This is just bad and it was a bad idea to implement this. Fiverr figured they can profit out of this as well but I think that in the end they’re going to lose more money with that. On average I was making Fiverr good money with the 20% commission, now my profit is three times down and they’re getting three times less and I’m sure that it’s the same with a lot of sellers.


I can’t comment on the correlation you’re making here. What I can say is that a month isn’t enough to make a judgement on how things will shape up with this new feature.

As for my experience with Promoted Gigs, it hasn’t been the best. I merely used the $10 credit Fiverr gave me. Out of those $10 I got 5 new buyers. 4 of them clearly didn’t read my Gig description as they went straight to making an order instead of contacting me first. Out of the 4, three of them were incredibly slow with responding to me. 1 of those I was forced to cancel because they asked me to write using a specific SEO tool which I don’t do (had they contacted me, we would have avoided the mess).

This experience makes me question how this is being promoted to buyers. I’ve had a much better time with the organic buyers I’ve received since the feature was introduced as most of them were VIDs and Business buyers, most of which led to amazing experiences and multiple orders.

The last thing I want to point out - which a lot of people will - is that Fiverr is a platform and their aim is to make money. They’ll do whatever it takes to do that. They’re the only ones with the data to confirm whether or not Promoted Gigs will work for them. If they do end up working well for them, prepare for it to be a permanent part of the platform.


It is being discussed here: Launching Promoted Gigs

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I think Ads may be like the old newspaper ads. SALE SALE SALE GET IT CHEAP! The only people responding to ads are those who don’t want to take the time to research and just react to a pretty ad in this case a button.

I can honestly say I have had a BUMPER (meaning amazing) month. I am promoting 2 gigs. I have not spent much and have 2 orders which have more than paid for the clicks. What I find is happening is the ads just get you out there twice as much. People may not click on the ad but you become more familiar so if they click on an organic impression, you have been a familiar face.

I am going to continue for now. I don’t need the business as I have had to pause my gigs every day because the second it comes back on the orders go nuts!! I’m not used to having so many orders in queue so it makes me nervous. Slowly I am making new personal procedures to handle the business.

So perhaps your slow time is related to something else? I went through a month or two with only a few orders because I was taking the time to add, delete, change, upgrade my gigs. My husband said when you do that, the algorithms have to catch up to your changes. The algorithms have to learn your new titles and descriptions and upgrades. Algorithms are not smart or care, they just simply use the bits of numbers to calculate. So it took about a month before I got busy again but whatever changes I made are working! Like STOP! No please…no more orders! Lol careful what you wish for !!!

It may also be private feedback. You will never know on that one.

It could also be your category. There are thousands of new Fiverr sellers coming every week. So the competition is much greater.

Whatever it is, just know that no one is out to get you and I think (my opinion) that Fiverr is trying to create new and different ways to get business. Some may flop but others may be incredible. For example, I have been getting sellers from the Fiverr Business area. They are larger orders and the buyers are amazing.

Not sure just don’t give up or try not to become to upset. My slow time may be just around the corner it happens to everyone!

At least you were chosen to promote. You have a choice to turn it on or off. That means you are doing something right.