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The quality of buyer request

Maybe it’s just me but the quality of buyer requests on Fiverr this year has been totally awful. Last year, I send between 6-9 buyer requests each day on the average. But these days, I can’t seem to find any reasonable buyer request. Most of these buyer requests are full of grammatical errors, unrealistic expectations and an unreasonable budget.

Any ideas?


Also order coming very less

I’ve also noticed this. I don’t see as many reasonable buyer requests as I did in 2019. Not sure why.

The only solution I’ve found (which some may argue isn’t a solution) is to just not send as many. I’ve even not sent any at all some days.


Yaa I am facing the same problem!

Haha yeah you’re right :rofl:
and also wrote their request in the wrong category.


Yes very true, some of them are came here put there spam link and post their project like this “review my website and send your offer based on website” when i clicked on that, i found they wanted to get only click and traffic, through buyer request, it’s totally wired scam :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


so much true!..

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Yeah, they put their website or their youtube links, it’s like what they want is to get a huge viewers or clickers from the seller in Fiverr :wink: