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The Question is not 'can I' but 'should I' (Branching off into logo design?)

OK, so I have been meddling around in Canva for the past several months, As a result, I think I am fairly alright at it.

I kinda joked about doing so HERE:

But now I am curious… should I branch off into designing for people via Canva? There are a lot of people who seem to do exactly this on Fiverr, and they get awesome reviews, so maybe it can be a good way to fully branch off and diversify.

What do you think? Should I test out the waters and see? Or play it safe?

I want to say play it safe but with the ever changing demands of clients I think you should go for it. Start off simple and then build up when you start to get momentum.

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From what I see, probably you should. I mean it’s never wrong to try and meddle yourself in new areas…maybe you could get really good at it? Maybe you have hidden talents…? But I’d say you better choose one branch of logo design and really do lots of research and practice. And based from your given example, which is a logotype design…perhaps you could delve more into that area :smiley:


Here is an another example of something that I just made. This one is a Business Card design.



Why not give it a try? You can use those for examples.

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OK, I made the gig, which you can find on my page because gig links are not allowed in this section.

Now to see if this will get me anywhere, or if it will be a massive failure…