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The queue system

Hi all. I have a question about the queue system. Let’s say one person places 4 orders within one custom order…does that show as one order in my queue? (I’m guess yes?)…I’m considering doing this but would hate to turn away business. Can you please share your experiences with using it? What happens when the queue is full? What message does the buyer get? Do you feel this impacts your business? Thanks in advance for the insight!

what you mean actually? Did you mean 4 tasks ? 1 custom order will show 1 order on the queue. I think there isn’t any limit. I have seen some seller have 100+ active order on the queue.

Right so one order I have 4 different scripts…Obviously it’s showing as one job but it’s actually 4 different ones in this order.

I don’t think I could handle 100 jobs in my queue just yet lol…so I wondered how this feature is working for others…

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It depends on how it is ordered. I like communication with my buyers first. This means I can control expectations. Sending custom offers allows you to tell someone ‘I am little busy right now but I can get this to you in 8 days.’

Try to make it work for you.

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