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The race to 50 orders


As most people on here already know, the new fiverr level evaluation system kicks in on the 15th where new requirements will be introduced to ensure that sellers really deserve their levels and so that sellers are consistently evaluated.

One of the categories that I believe is most unreasonable is the category regarding amount of money earned because that presents a huge disadvantage to sellers that may make just as many or even more small sales than somebody else that makes significantly fewer larger sales - but I’m going off topic here.

I am currently a level 1 seller on 45 total sales. To get to level 2 I need to receive a total of 50 sales before evaluation - or else I will also be required to have earnt a large amount of money that isn’t a feasible short term goal for me (which becoming level 2 was meant to be).

So now I have 5 days to complete 5 more sales. WIsh me luck.


I think this is the exact reason why Fiverr moved to the earnings-based evaluation system. Currently, one seller could just be doing $5 orders all day while another is consistently making $100+ per job. It will take the latter seller longer to reach the 50 order mark even though they are more successful.

The new system evens out the playing field by using a universal measure ($) of how much work users are completing.

Good luck! :blush:


A great achievement in 5 days
I wish you that


Haha. I wish you 20 orders in that period. Are you up to the task?


I’m trying to reach 50 orders by the 15th Jan too. Though I’m not sure if they need to be “complete” by then, if so, and if the buyer doesn’t complete them, they may need to be delivered in time for the 3 days it takes for orders to auto-complete.