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The Ratings are not updating


I have completed new orders this week, replied to new email messages but the response rate, order completion rate and on time delivery rating has not changed at all. My response rate is stuck at 89% and even after replying to new messages within 24 hours the response rate is not updating…

Is it normal? Please advice…
What can I do…


if you responded soon for new buyers for the very first message then the response rate will be updated.

For the other than first message it will not effect the response rate


I replied to four new inbox messages in last two days but no change in response rating…
Have delivered two gigs today and the order completion rate and on time delivery is stuck at 94%
What should I do? The 89% response rate will lead to drop from Level Two Seller Status to Level One Seller :frowning_face:

Will I loose my Level Two Seller Status because of ratings not updating. I have responded to new messages in my inbox but no change in the ratings…


the rating it showing is accurate it will show the rating of last 60 days

Just imagine if you responded soon today for 4 messages and the day before last 60 days if you respond soon for 4 messages … then your rating will be same it

to make it more clear yesterday it is shown 89% without the last 4 reply today it showing without the 4 replies of 61st day then your rating will be same


I dont understand what you are trying to covey
Last week from 82% response rate it increased to 89% - when I replied to new messages in my inbox.
And once it reached 89% it is stuck though I am still responding to new messages in my inbox…


Just read again what i have typed and try to understand … that is how its calculating.

or show that reply to some one good in accounts then they will explain you


The order once completed, the rating for completed orders has moved to 95%
I just replied to a new query in my inbox the response rate is still stuck at 89%
Why is the response rating stuck… please help!!!


There’s nothing any of us here can do I’m afraid - why not contact CS and see if they can help? :sunny:


My response rate has been stuck at 95% for about a month now. :neutral_face:


Mine is stuck too at 99%. I asked customer support and was told it was because I sent a custom offer instead of a message.


Which is idiotic to say the least. Like I have to message the prospect “hi” and then send a custom offer?


Since they sent you a message and you just sent a Custom offer, you did not technically reply to the buyer’s message.

That was their response.


I dropped to 92% this week. Slowly back up to 94. There is literally nothing I can find that I haven’t responded to. Another little detail we can’t control that is held against us…


Today my response time changed from 6 hours to 5 hours and the response rating has finally changed from 89% to 90%… Oh What a relief :smiley:Finally 90%


That’s the stupidest reason ever, and clearly an oversight :woman_facepalming: Wouldn’t be an issue at all otherwise, but it could cause someone to go under 90% for no reason.

Hopefully you asked them to forward a suggestion to the dev team to make a custom offer count as a message. :pray:


I had a drop I couldn´t explain to myself either a while ago and sent a ticket. CS told me names of people whose messages I supposedly hadn´t replied to, only I had, and sent screenshots, they passed it on to the tech team, didn´t reset my rate, though; I made a point of replying as fast as only possible to everything, because some more “accidents” like the spam message bug could have gotten the rate below 90% easily, and eventually it crept back up to 98% where it´s stuck ever since.

Thank you, that´s good to know.


I’ve had this happen too. Now this could be a huge problem. Now I check and re-check my total list of messages several times a day. So far it’s been literally impossible to always keep it at 100% no matter what I do.


I had this issue happen this past week. I know, for a fact, that I had responded to a buyer’s request for a custom order, declining it. I know I did because I had another buyer requesting some assistance, and I did both at the same time. However, only one was noted as being done and the other was past the 24-hour window… supposedly.

Apparently, the message I sent to that buyer never posted and I had to do it again. My response rate dropped 1% but is still sitting at 99%. Aggravating because I KNOW I had responded to it within an hour after he asked for assistance. I happened to be at break when I saw it and responded to both of them.

I always check my Fiverr stuff when I’m at break… just in cases such as this.


Please contact Customer Support as soon as possible.


Sometimes I wonder if the customer support has bots in addition to real people, since most of the times, the answers that you get do not fit the questions that you ask.