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The ratings system is broken

As a consumer on this site, I find it very difficult to find the quality of work to match my willingness to pay. I need to buy $5 gigs only because I need to try again and again with different sellers before I find one that has the talent I want to pay more for.

The problem is, whether a sellers work is meh or WOW!, they get 5 stars. Failing to get a perfect score for work that was merely OK, the seller gets huffy and disputes the order as happened on my last order when I rated it a 4 in quality and communication.

If the ratings were honest, truly talented and experienced sellers could charge more and those starting out would have a price advantage.

I had no problem finding a great designer when I wanted one. He does top notch quality work usually for $5. I would not expect to find a great writer and only pay $5 generally.

I fully agree with you.
However, the problem here is with buyers agreeing to change reviews or cancel the order. If a seller disputes a review and the buyer justifies it to them, any further begging, huffing, claims that the buyer has ruined the seller’s life etc should be met with an appropriate lowering of the review stars or mentioning their lack of professionalism in the comment.
I think it would stop those sellers from asking again and result in much more reliable reviews.
No matter what way a seller is unprofessional, it is up to the buyer to review them accurately, regardless of what the seller says.

In my case … I had a client review my gig with 1 star a few weeks ago. He liked the video and said it was great… But he couldnt figure out how to download it from the fiverr site at all. I sent it to him 3 different ways including a dropbox link. After strugging to explain to him that I can’t help him any further because it’s just not something I’m here to do after everything I’ve already done … so he left a 1 star review and said something about “terrible service”…

Some people don’t really need to be in charge of ruining someone’s business with a kindergarten style rating system. Thumbs up/down worked fine. It had to be late or really bad to get a thumbs down… Otherwise it must have been worth the $$ or delivered as described. 4 stars out of 5 for something like … a seller not answering within an 8 hour window for instance would be more detrimental to that seller’s business than you may think. In fact it could cost them hundreds that month and they may or may not have that gig recover. The gigs and ranking algorithm is very delicate.

Everyone should keep that in mind.

Go to customer support with screenshots explaining what happened, they will remove that review if what you say is how it happened. They are good like that when it comes to undeserved negative reviews

I think it’s difficult for buyers to understand the impact that ratings have on a seller’s account. Truly terrible sellers that steal, scam, bully, or produce crappy work should get low ratings and fall out of the search results so that great sellers can rise to the top. The problem is that a lot of buyers think a three or four stars review is a good review, and the way reviews are weighted, these can be really /not/ good reviews. Anything less than five stars hurts your percentage and therefore hurts your account and makes it even more difficult to make sales.

When a seller produces work that they feel meets the promise their gig made and they are given a three star “Satisfactory” review, they are understandably upset. That’s considered a positive review, but it’s also a 60%. If you’re a new seller who has gotten ten five star reviews and then one three star review, your 100% just dropped to like 96%. That feels and looks like a huge penalty when you thought you produced good work, or, at the very least, work that 100% met the expectations of your gig.

The biggest problem that I see is that the rating criteria are subjective. Or, at least, many buyers use them that way. They rate not how closely the delivery matched the promise made by the gig, but how much they liked the work. Something could match the instructions and the gig’s requirements 100%, but if the buyer thinks the work is “blah,” he can give a 60%. And whatever, maybe buyers should rate based on how much they liked the work. That’s just not what the rating criteria says the buyer should be rating.

The thumbs system, I think, made this a lot easier. Instead of having to decide between essentially fifteen different choices when rating a seller (three sets of five stars), the buyer had one choice: Thumbs up or thumbs down? Was this okay, fine, good, great? Or was it terrible?

So yeah, I don’t think anyone is going to argue with you that the rating system is broken.

Someone tried to pull the same stunt on us because they couldn’t figure out how to download their file, despite us giving them multiple different links. It’s not our fault they’re computer illiterate. Like @eoinfinnegan said, Customer Service will usually remove unwarranted reviews from your profile as long as you show them screenshots of you helping the client out.

I want to get connected to the CS you guys talk to.