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The ratings you never see for sellers that mess you around!


So, I had the misfortune of dealing with ******. He said he could fix my wordpress problem.
I gave him log in details to my site and asked him to send me a quote. He said Monday, Monday came and went. I sent another message asking how the work is going, he said ‘very good’.
In short no work was ever done and my repeated messages where met with contempt and were never answered… (they were replied to but my questions where not answered nor acknowledged. Don’t wast your time with this guy)
You can only rate a seller when you have paid for their services, so in the meantime you can be treated with the up most contempt from them and no-one ever knows unless they read this ranting pot!

Calling out buyers or sellers is against forum rules!


Please delete the seller’s name. That’s not allowed to do.
You can change his name for “one seller” if you want to share your experience, but no names, please.


…but since you posted the name, here’s what I read on the profile:

“I’m enjoying a vacation and will be back soon.
I’m currently swamped with work and will be back in 11 days.”

Also, this seller’s last delivery was 4 months ago (all 5 stars prior to that). While I’m sorry for your experience, I think some benefit of doubt is in order here.


You do realize this is the 5th month of 2017 right?

How are you referring to communications that far back and only talking about the issue now?


I didnt realise there was a time limit to taking an issue?

If you have been treated badly by a seller - why should time matter?


Because the way you were speaking in your OP, it seemed that you are talking about a recent activity.

Your OP does not state this was an issue you faced 5 months ago, up until your next response.


You didn’t pay for anything, so you’re not a buyer, and in this case, there is no seller.

You had a conversation with somebody and that’s about it as far as I can see. You can’t rate other Fiverr users on their conversation skills I’m afraid. :wink:


Your problems in communication are obvious when you don’t understand something simple as:

Do not use the seller’s name on the threads, please.


I know - that’s my point! You should be able to rate your overall dealings.

I was on a very time sensitive project… I could have got someone else on Fivver to do it! But was messed around over a week before I found someone local. It gives sellers on fivver a bad name - something you should all be interested in!!


So let me understand this, IRL (in real life), you ask someone a question, and that person might pretend to NOT hear you, after a few minutes, you ask again, and again the person pretends to NOT hear you…

Do you then go and SHAKE the person asking and demanding why he/she is NOT answering your question?

Or do you actually ignore and move on?


No & no. I can read, however. This here, for instance:

Sellers have no obligation to work for you or anyone. Especially when they have - apparently - left Fiverr.


Why I have the strange feeling that I know her answer to this question…

Ps.: yep… I’m sarcastic today


Ok, so I see this area is full of sellers that dont like to be criticized for unprofessional dealings… So, you wont be getting a good review from me when clients ask where they can get stuff done and a good price…

Well done!


If somebody’s paying for my time, I’m happy to be reviewed, otherwise no.


But this is my point! People who have paid… How many people got messed around before hand?! And how many people decided to purchase services locally because of their dealings with sellers.

This affects you all!

So, for example - because of the dealings I had with this seller - I sourced someone local to fix my wordpress problem… Surely sellers here must be alarmed by that???

I see by the responses that there is an element that are not…


No, I think ranting, whining, moaning is all good, but having a REAL expectation is what WE sellers are pointing out I suppose.


become buyers. That’s when they’re entitled to leave reviews on the SELER’S performance.


No. I :heart: your post, even though you had username still there.

I figured you would remove the name after others have asked you to. Many people make that mistake but most listen.

It may seem like people are jumping on you but if you read other post, those same people will side with the buyer just as much, case by case. Nothing makes great sellers teed offed more than bad sellers giving them a bad name.

I see your point but there is something to what others are saying.


There, you have a buyer’s support @gina_riley2 <-Buyer, please read what she is saying.


Yep it is the ranting pot - and that seller was the reason I got my work done locally.

Im back to give it one last try with logos and see how I go…

Maybe my faith will be restored, maybe it wont. But, I completely disagree with a lot of these comments. The lack insight into how the behaviour of a seller, in Fivver’s case, sellers are brand ambassador. Every part of their dealings is being reviewed. Sure, one can not physcially review unless a contract has been formed but we all make a judgement on the over all service from a seller…

Business dealings do not start and end with a contract, they are formed well before the contract is made. Maybe sellers on this thread need to understand the nature of business before boxing in ‘reviews and dealings’ to paid work.
On that note, Ive said whats needed - I must get some work done!
Best of luck to you Gina!