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The "Read this attached document for a job opportunity" dudes

As you all hopefully know, it is not allowed to talk nor accept offers that are outside of Fiverr chat system. If you try to type a message containing something like “Talk outside of Fiverr”, your message will be postponed and will be waiting for a review from Staff.

Recently, I’ve been getting messages from some random named accounts telling me something among these lines:

Hello. I am a senior web developer with experience blah blah.
I want to work with you. Check my offer in attached document.

You’ve all guessed what’s inside that document.
Indeed, an offer to work for enormous amount of money for some unknown team. And of course, an external contact options to get you away from Fiverr.

What’s up with these peeps?

Did you all have some experiences like mine on other sectors and how did you respond to it?

Take care everybody,


They are scammers. Report them to Fiverr, and ignor them.


Last month, I had received similar response. Thanks to Automated Spam detection system of Fiverr that even before I could read the entire message or open their attachment, it was marked as spam and within few hours, it displayed a message “account no longer in use”.

They are scammers and will send you attachments full of viruses… Sometimes they will send you links to click upon, and obtain your information or install 3 party plugins or adware into your browser if you don’t have any strong antivirus installed on your system. They will keep tracking your internet activity as long as they wish to.

Beware!! Don’t respond to them unless and until you wishfully want to fall into their trap. Mark the message as spam or flag it as “spam” or any other relevant choice from the option(s) provided.

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Yeah, I got those messages 2 times now and I would flag them as “The user asked for payment or wanted to communicate outside of Fiverr”.

Staff did the job flawlessly.

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Here comes another dude:

another one


It’s a scam. Block them.