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The real and original BigBadBilly Social service! The "Real Deal"

3 years. Around 10,000 sales and a completely perfect record.

There’s a reason for this. I offer a great and realistic service. Have a read.

I will advertise your Facebook Page until you get 50+ Real Facebook Likes from the USA and CAN. Not from India, or anywhere else. CAN and USA only!

I offer a tried, tested and true service. No magic or spam. I’ll promote your page to my network of peers until you get at least 50 likes. No gimmicks or shams.


Are they real Likes?

Yes and no. Yes in the sense they are real and will never drop.

(Likes drop when Facebook deletes “Bot/Fake” accounts. If something is liked by a fake account, and the account get’s deleted… it becomes un-liked. That’s why so many “SEO/Likes” gigs are always having their likes drop off.)

Mine are real and never drop.

Here’s the flip-side. They are likely not going to interact with your page. Unless they actually read it and really like it. Fact is that most of my network doesn’t even look at the pages they like. They just like the page/button and move onto the next on as fast as they can.

So… The good? Safe and reliable likes that never drop. Good for Search and SEO. But remember. They are from my network of people that Like for cash. Don’t expect a real fan.

When in doubt remember my saying: " You can buy a like… but you can’t buy a fan "


Here’s what you get:

50+ Real members to your fan page or web site Like button.

Permanent. I don’t use Bots or software. My numbers don’t ever drop because they’re real accounts!

My network is from Canada and the USA. Nowhere else.

Fast and reliable.

Safe and simple.

Don’t settle for the crap! Don’t settle for the fakes! Try out the ‘Real’ Big Bad Billy and see how it’s supposed to be done. Legit.

Cheers everyone.

I’ve tried a bunch of these gigs and let me say that you Billy are the only one I use now. Real is the best. My only complaint is that you can’t send me more.

Thanks man. Always a pleasure.