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The real name of the buyer on the Invoice

When a Buyer buys a work and send money to a seller (through Fiver). Can the seller see the real name (no the user name) of the buyer (on the platform or on the invoice)?


I think it would depend on your payment setting in lats say, paypal or stripe.

Normally it would depend also on the type of payment account, ie personal or Business.

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The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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The answer is no. The seller doesn’t see any personal info like the real name of the person in an order. They only see the username of the buyer and which gig/package they’ve ordered and any details specified by the buyer.

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It is best not to post unless you know the answer.

There you go! Was as easy as that.

I was trying to understand the question, as to point someone in the right direction.
So not sure on your point, but well done for the wander…