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The REAL secrets to Buyer Request Success

You should make sure to follow all of these rules.

Print them.

Keep them over you bed.

Dress in them for holidays.

Let them become you.

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A very interesting read! I have just joined Fiverr and I did resort to the newbie saver — buyer request!

I did land an order and it went pretty good. Now I’m thinking, getting the second order is going to be a task! Endless refreshing of buyer request page and bloated and boastful offers again. How hard can it be?

I don’t remember i ever had this much fun reading a marathon post like this. Totally made my day. I would love to try some of those someday. Like if we get to use fiverr as a proxy someday maybe… lol.

Well, awesome man. But if you really want fun, try out that “sending speedo pictures to your clients” thing.

Yes, I realize that my post cautioned against it. This was entirely purposeful. The truth is - clients love speedo pictures. I just didn’t want my secret of success being duplicated.

Open the dialogue with the picture. Include the message by saying, “all this could be yours - for a fee.” Then, once they’ve responded, assure them that you meant to send an image of your prices. Who knows, you could have a new client AND a new remote friend. That’s a win win.

Please don’t really do this. Please.


You forgot the most important bit.

"Dear sir/madam,

All this could be yours - for a fee".


Don’t be dissuaded to use buyer request, especially when this parody aims directly at the overzealous attitude of the folks who tear down people aiming to feed themselves and gain experience. Most of them will read this satire as an indictment of the buyer request section itself… because they don’t own mirrors… and they wouldn’t have a reflection, even if they did.

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Thanks man
That are really very good tips

They are good tips.

Did you know:

The faster that you read information, especially when not allowing time for that information to process, the more useful it becomes?

That’s totally true.


Did you realize that 9 out of 10 things you read are absolutely accurate. Those are numbers, thereby this statement is scientific.

Also, if you read my entire post backwards, I reveal that Paul is dead.

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Quite ironic! There are two sides to it. I am pumped to use it although not as a last resort; but in a way I don’t have as many options (as far as I know) to get those coveted stars.