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The real value of my published gigs

Hi everyone ,

I published 7 gigs during 2 last weeks . I got 300 imp./gigs on average . But , I really havent received any<br /> order yet !. No problem now , ancient people s just said : Everythings so hard in the starting !.<br /> <br /> I took a look all my 7 gigs to extract any experience for myself . I m pondering about Readers , Searchers and

other persons on Fiverr . Id like to know what their demands are ?.<br /> If answering their requirements correctly , so the possibility for sell will augment , isn t it ?.

To me , perhaps I am not subjective , thats the truth only !. I ve found myself (dont laugh) all my gigs really<br /> are so useful for everyone , even some my gigs are necessary , that s invaluable scientific knowledge !.

Refer please my 2 gigs as follow :

And my 5 other gigs :

See you all next time …

Best Wishes,


You don’t need to put links to your gigs in the forum. Interested people will click on your username and see all the gigs on your profile. You may advertise your gigs in the forum area called “My Fiverr Gigs” but in other areas the links are considered spam.

Your gigs are mostly fairly unique which can be good if there are people who want to pay for those services. You may want to get a friend to help with your English or hire someone who is a native English speaker. Patience is also important. If you still dont get orders with time and improved English you may need to try some other gig ideas that are more in demand. Good luck.