The Reason Why You Are Not Making Sales Online!


Have you ever wondered why you have been writing great E-books,Promoting other People’s product,and above all trying to market anything and still no sales???..Brain Tracy said, change your Thinking and Change your Life…Until you Re-structure the way yo present whatsoever you are marketing, your chances of making sales will be slim…Now the question most will be asking will be,What must i do to make huge sales in what i am marketing to my prospects???

  1. **Create Relationship First Instead of Trying to Sell your product First:**Most people fail in online marketing because their first impression is so annoying and poor.How do you expect me to buy from you when it is the first time you are presenting something to me???Sincerely even the dullest person on earth will never trust someone if he or she does not have a clear relationship with the person.The first thing you need to do when trying to make sales is for you to create a relationship with your prospects,Make them know the reason why they need to buy your product by firstly talking on topics that is related to what you are to Sell.Sir/Ma, you can as well offer them free materials that will help create a better relationship at the first stage.Please note,do not introduce whatsoever you are selling to your prospect at the first stage!

  2. **Make Use of Social Media Groups Relating to What You Are Promoting:**This is a selling secret that most marketers are not making use of…You need to start solving a problem with your words with valuable advises at groups relating to Niche and above all, your problem solving answers, post a link to you selling site or selling link.

  3. You Need a Blog for Product Promotion: Sincerely, one other way to build reliable trust online is for you to be writing great contents daily on your blog…You need to write problem solving write ups to make your prospects trust you and be sure they have the right hand for whatsoever they need or want.

  4. **You Need a Landing Page/Sales page with an Auto-responder:**One method that can bring in huge sales for whatsoever you are selling is you listing your product with clear description on a single page were all will be explained with a simplified summary…You can as well add your Autoresponder link where you can as well capture the emails of your prospects…If you can go the extra miles to get the mails of your prospects, then your chances of reselling to them even in the future will be extremely high.

5.**Powerful Email Series That Converts:**The major reason why most people are not making sales is because they don’t have the convincing power to make their prospects want to buy…Firstly, if you start with a poor subject line, then you have already failed the selling test…You must write powerful subject lines that will be extremely eye-catching and highly tempting.You must be convincing enough to make your prospects want to rush and know what you have to say.Secondly, your contents must be simple,precise,straight to the point,motivating and above all highly convincing because with this, your prospects will have what i call a 100% assurance of getting the best from you.
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