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The Reasons People Write Good or Bad Reviews


Bad Reviews

1. They are paid to do so (as per the recent case of companies or self-employers hiring people to rate their competitor with less than a five star)
2. They write bad reviews because they want a quick fix and they don’t understand that some projects take time to manifest, and some just don’t manifest, because the buyer doesn’t follow instructions, but benefits from pointing the finger at the seller, acting as the victim.
3. They are forced to do so in order to gain some other incentive (Some sellers require you to rate their service in order to gain credit or discounts for their loyalty scheme)

Good Reviews

1. They write reviews because they had benefited from some and they want others to benefit in the same way from their advice
2. They write reviews because they have something to say
3. They write a review because they understand that it takes time to manifest, they are positive people, they had a good experience communicating with the seller, they have built a trusting relationship.

Sometimes I have clients who tell me they’ll rate me only if they get their ex-back, (regardless to what I have shared-which is the truth) or win the lottery without doing what I shared with them too?

I wish for buyers to educate themselves before they hire and rate someone poorly.:slightly_frowning_face:

You see, we all work here to offer you an excellent service, or a solution to a problem. And we need you as much as you need our services, and if you will rate us unfairly, you will attract the ones who are scammers, because you just attracted that.
Never ever rate someone because you expect a magic pill or a quick fix. Rating someone poorly because your life is upside down isn’t going to fix your problem, so why punish the seller for your lack of patience, mistake or anger?
In my opinion, buyers rating must be strictly based on the seller’s communication skill, delivery, ability to offer a solution or a revision, the ability to tell you the truth even if the truth hurts, based on knowledge, talent, experience, etc.
If you want results, then please understand, that time is a huge factor for you to see the full potential to your outcome.
It takes TIME for Marketing, SEO, Prayers, Rituals, Coaching, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, and other types of work to manifest. Just remember,

I hope this helps buyers and sellers with a better understanding before they decide to rate us.


This happned with me one time :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry to hear that, but yes, it’s true, some people actually do that :frowning: