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The regretting happy one


My name is Gift, I keep wondering if I have been in a cave all my life to have discovered this forum now. Maybe my love life would have been a lot better having met some of you here giving great advises; I’d have had fewer relationships and learnt from the experienced ones instead of life itself teaching me the hard way through heartbreaks and wrong decision. Anyways its all good because it shaped my thinking and made me mature in my decisions and advises to people.
By the way, I’m new on this forum and saying “Hello from the other side”.


Love life? :flushed: I’m afraid this is a professional forum not a dating/ relationship platform


Umm… love life? Fiverr is not a dating service. Being here would not – and will not – make you have a better love life. That’s just not what these forums offer.

The other side of what? The other side of the grave? The other side of reality? The other side of the universe? :thinking: