The "Reply Box" In The Inbox Has Completely Disappeared!


Has this happened to any of you?

Since 2-3 days, we have been going back and forth with Support because the message box disappears in random moments during the day.

The last thing support said was this:

“Our teams are aware of what’s going on but we are not able to provide an immediate solution for the inbox. If this continues to occur, please reach out to us to review the account.”

Yet they have not provided any clues regarding what’s causing the issue.

Is this a single incident or a more widespread problem?



This happened with me few days back. Fiverr Support resolved the issue within minutes.


It happened to me and customer support immediately fixed it.


Has it happened to you guys again so far?

Because for us it happens again and again, every 6-8 hours.


Does it help to close your browser and then open it again?


Have you tried CTRL + F5?