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The RESOLVE button | What really happens

Hello Folks,

Here is the scenario,

1: A buyer who placed an order missed some important things, maybe didn’t upload a logo file or maybe didn’t add the correct gig extra or maybe didn’t add any gig extra at all but he asked for services which required a gig extra etc… So now me as a buyer sends him a request by hitting the resolve button. Lets say I have sent him a request for “Modify Order” and added the gig extra etc… Now we wait for him to accept this add on (gig extra)… Time goes by and the deadline has passed but the buyer has still not responded (Accept or Declined) the request. At this moment I notice a big LATE on the order page. 24 hours passed (After deadline) still no response from the buyer.

Question is, what really happens with the “Delivered on Time” percentage? The order is still in the active orders list, it shows a message that your are late in delivering this order, does this really affect the “Delivered on Time” percentage ?

Even though its not the Sellers fault now but will it or does it matter? The same goes with the Cancellation Request, sometimes buyers just change their mind and want to cancel. You generate a cancellation request and the buyer(s) dont really bother accepting the cancellation request (Which automatically cancels the order after 48 hours I guess) but again how badly does this messes up the delivered on time status of the seller?

Any Thoughts, suggestions, tips would be really helpful.



I will assume it does because the red alert bubble appears on your gig page.

Maybe I missed something… what is this “red alert bubble”?

@jonbaas A callout appears on your page when you are delivering an order late. It reminds you of the consequences and you can eliminate it by clicking the “X” icon on the top right of the “bubble.”

Sorry, I don’t have a screenshot :slight_smile:

Oh, you mean the banner that appears above all orders on your dashboard order page?

I thought you were referring to something public on the publicly visible gig page. After all, you did say:

A gig page is, well… a sellers public gig page. :wink:

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It’s a faded red banner that appears on your personal gig page. I don’t have any late orders so I can’t share with you a screenshot. I believe it shows up between here:

I don’t fully remember but I believe the OP was referring to that. I may be wrong though.

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I recently sent through a draft to a buyer, asking for their final approval on certain elements before I finalised a job. I could not finalise it without their input. I told them to expect the draft. Deadline is approaching and I have not heard from them at all. I open a Request for more time stating that I needed more information from them. They buyer does not respond to that. Deadline is missed by maybe 6 hours. I decide to deliver the work as is just to keep the system happy. So, despite having opened a “buyer not responding, please extend deadline” and giving the buyer 3 or 4 days to respond to, apparently it doesn’t matter. The deadline is the deadline. Fiverr have hit me hard in my “orders delivered on time” percentage. I will be demoted this coming cycle because I was trying to do the right thing and obviously misunderstood that by opening a request for time because they were unresponsive it would halt the deadline.
This is potentially the final nail in the coffin for me being on this platform. I have tried to be positive and understanding of the system, but I have had so many issues like this recently and to have all my hard work over the years I have been on here just wiped out for a while because of unresponsive sellers (and other dodgy happenings) I’m just tired.

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Fiverr really needs to make some changes here. I was a level 2 seller and one day I noticed I had 42 dead orders (Orders which were placed by the buyer but not started because of no input). I spoke to support and they asked me if I wanted them removed, I said yes, the next thing I notice was my order completion rate falling from 85% all the way to 52% followed by my demotion of levels from Level 2 to Level 1 and eventually Zero Level. I had 13 active gigs and they came to 7. I made my way back up, it took me 5 months to get to level one. So now I see 8 more dead orders, this time I spoke to support asking will it drop my % ? And the answer was yes!

Even though its not my fault, buyers sometimes just place a $5 order and forget about it, but if we ask support to cancel it, it effects our % right away. According to support there was no solution for this at the moment but they said they are working on it.

I actually love this platform and honestly speaking I have done pretty good here and in past 4 years I have seen fiverr coming up with new rules and algorithms which sometimes turn out to be really good but sometimes turn out to be a disaster for sellers.