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The response rate is a joke


I’m tired of this, since 6 months my response rate is 50-60% . All I ever get in inbox is spam that I reply to, sometimes I can’t even reply to it anymore, but the rate is not calculated correctly. Please remove this non-sense, all my other ratings are green, I can’t get level 1 or 2 anymore, this response rate is a joke and a non-sense!

PS: the fiverr support said it’s working fine in the past and it is obviously not! :frowning:


Response rate dropped to 33% and never got a message :slight_smile:


Perhaps there is an old message that you have not responded to. The longer you don’t respond to a first-time message, the more your response rate will drop. The fact that you have been responding to recent messages, and Fiverr states that everything seems to be working find, yet the rating still drops, suggests to me that there may be an old message that you missed somewhere.


As jonbaas said you have messages you have not responded to. You can ask customer support to check for you to see if you missed any messages.

Even though you asked before ask again. They always will find messages you missed when you ask about this.