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The response Time of my account is 0 hours

How can I improve my response time? it has gone to hours. Please help me


Your response time shows as 1 hour to me. It is not possible for it to be lower since that’s the minimum it shows currently. Nobody’s shows <1 hour.

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This is account of my friend… He has a response time of 0 hours… So I was curious about it

How is it that both your friends have earned $504?

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Try to communicate with buyers via mobile app when you’re out of PC.

Though if you look on a web browser they’ll show as 1 hour minimum.

So your friend just happens to let you take screenshots of their account on their phone and post these to the Fiverr forum where everyone can see their earnings?

Why couldn’t they post a reply themselves?

I see screenshots of two different accounts but both were started on the same day and have the same earnings. Or is it the same account with two different profile pictures?

Not 2 friends just ome friends. These are two pictures of same account

I have checked on browser as well but its same

He did not let me… I was checking his mobile and I took photos with telling him :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

Do you have a screenshot of a Fiverr profile on a web browser (eg. Chrome) showing “0 hours” for the avg response time?

If it does show 0 it might be because they’ve not responded to a message or not responded to a message within the last 60 days. Though on a web browser normally if the response time isn’t applicable (eg. maybe null, because they’ve not responded to a message) it normally doesn’t show it at all and I can’t find any with a response time showing 0 on a web browser.

But for the app, maybe it just rounds it differently, eg. if their avg response time is <30 mins.


To improve your response time you can get the android app and set up the notification so that you can be notified when message comes in and you are not on your computer and it helped you a lot, try as much as possible to be online at all times. you do not have to be around your computer, you can be at the restaurant and or anywhere else and your phone will be your computer, turn on the active online icon in the phone app and respond to messages not more than 5–10 minutes after they are sent.

I hope this could help you!