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The Retro Artwork Gig has been updated

I usually update the gig descriptions from time to time when it need to be fixed, with price, revision, etc.

Buyers can now at least made a purchase the artwork based on their character idea in the descriptions.

If you see any errors in the descriptions, please don’t hesitate to let me know. So I can fix them in the near future.

What buyers will get?

  1. The 80’s and the 90’s high quality poster illustration style based video game or movie. For example, if you send me a free stock image of a 1980 red or white Ferrari, I can turn the car into cartoon illustration bright and shining like it from the 80’s arcade game cover!

  2. You will receive a 90’s movie poster illustration portrait of yourself as retro version similar to the Terminator 2: Judgment Day cover style, especially in neon colors with or without an 80’s logo of your name on it! High quality image with iPhone or Android for selfie is a best choice for me to work on the retro portrait painting and illustration.

  3. If you’re a big fan of the 80’s horror film style similar to the Creepshow, It or Tales from the Crypt, but was based on your character idea. Of course, I will create the retro movie poster artwork for you.

  4. Ever want a portrait of yourself in the 80’s movie poster style similar to Mad Max? I will paint a portrait of yourself based on your photo with any type of different 80’s or 90’s hairstyles, whether a punk hairstyle, it’s up to you. Then I will add a sunglasses. But not sure what kind of clothing you want me to paint you dress in retro style clothing!

Check out this 80’s style I did a painting gift for example. I did this for an old friend a year ago. Of course, she’s not on Fiverr! But she absolutely love the portrait painting of herself in the 80’s music cover. And of course, she’s a great singer.