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The review is bad so I can't make a buyer request.

I’m new to Fiverr. I give a job to a buyer but the buyer is not happy with my job. So he gave me a bad review so I can’t make any more requests. What can I do now? It would be very helpful if someone would give suggestions.


try to bring in your target customers to buy your gigs from other social media platforms and once they leave a good review, you may see some buyer requests

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Will there be a problem if I purchase a review from a buyer?

yes. big problem. Your account will get a warning or even get suspended. Don’t do it!


What do you think? Of course, you are not allowed to purchase a review. It is extremely troubling that you would even ask that. Read the ToS.

Also, why is the first letter of every word in your gig description capitalized? It is a pain to read. I suggest you improve your writing and your gig description before doing anything else.

I understand why your buyer gave you a bad review if your gig description is any indication of your writing abilities.


No you can’t. This is completely a breach of trust and you are going against Terms of Services. you are misusing the Fiverr rating system.
I prefer you to read ToS.


If I do not receive any more orders, will I not be able to make a buyer request?

You should instinctively know it is NOT okay to buy a review.

The very fact that you are having to ask is a real issue.

People who buy reviews are fraudsters. It is that simple.

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Start by reading the terms of service. You’ll find it helps a lot.