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The Rich Get richer and Poor Get poorer| same here on fiverr


Why I can’t get orders?.My service is high quality but no orders.


In order to even try to help you. I have one question… Is this a statement or a question ( The Rich Get richer and Poor Get poorer| same here on fiverr ) ?


I relate this statement with fiverr.


How did you come up with it? Because I really want to help you but I want to know the facts first.


Simple I saw the people who have many orders,getting more and more orders for newbies its hard to survive and make a living :frowning:


The ones with many orders have built up trust over time. Everyone was once a newbie.


What is the time frame to move next level( Not talking about fiverr level here)


On Fiverr, people who don’t have $5 can earn $5 by creating a gig and making a sale. I think that contradicts your post title!

:bulb: Joe


you have as gigs youtube intros. Two of those have intros that other sellers doing same thing, they have those SAME intro gigs.

95% of youtube intros are stolen templates/copyright infringements.

  1. Why are you any different than other sellers that do youtube intro gigs?
  2. I have seen two of your gigs (the social media buttons) being done by at least 10 other sellers.

How are you going to prove that you are better than others?


I haven’t stole anything.Purchased items.


oh, you purchase the item every time you make a sale?


most of those items have a license, when you purchased them, most likely it was for personal use only, not for commercial use.


I didn’t make any sale yet.


so which is it?

you have a legal license for each sale, or you haven’t made any sales yet?

How come you are a poo video guy with so much experience and yet you need to offer poorly edited templates?



I remember when I put up my first gig. I took no action and got no orders. Month went by, started using buyer requests, tweaking gig and images, and the worst part… I offered full illustration services for $5-$10 for the first 30 orders. I provided excellent character and background illustrations for people for only $5, with free unlimited revisions. Sounds easy, right? Only 30 orders. Nope. Illustration takes MUCH longer than normal orders. Not to mention the number of revisions i went through for a mere $5.

It was a pain to get those first 30 orders done and actually get people to leave me reviews. When I did, it got easier. I had my 30-40 reviews. I had street cred. I could raise my prices and start earning more. So I began doing designs for $20, and then $30. I’m still not earning what actual illustrators around my level are making, but I’m doing well enough. Not complaining at all - just saying that you have to start from the bottom and build your rep. Stop complaining and level up.


In your gig you’re saying that
"You will get full rights to use these intros anywhere you want."

Really? Make sure you actually have the license to promise this. Otherwise your wish might come true and you’ll lose money.


The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.
True, in some places.
At Fiverr?

The honest hard workers get richer.
The dishonest ( and often times lazy) ones makes no money. Not poorer, they just get nothing.

I’ve seen some dishonest sellers making a certain amount of sales, but they eventually get
banned. Lies gets exposed pretty quickly.


Wow. Tough crowd! :head_bandage:


Trust me, this is nooooooothing. :wink:
Things can get way tougher/more brutal here, and to be honest
all the questions being asked/comments made above sounds pretty normal to me.