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The right moment to block a buyer

I want to block one of my repeat buyers. I feel myself tense up everytime I see they order from me, or send me a message, and I just don’t want to deal with them anymore.
It’s not so much that they’re impossible to work with, and it’s not that they leave bad feedback or anything, it’s more of an issue with them not respecting me when I saw I’m busy.
If I say something will take a certain amount of days, then that’s what’ll take. I shouldn’t have to repeat that several times, should I?
“I need this done on Monday”
“I can’t do this for Monday, I can’t have it done until Thursday.”
“How about Tuesday?”
“No, I’m too busy for Tuesday, fully booked in the beginning of the work, it won’t be finished until Thursday”
“Can you have it done Wednesday?”
I mean, seriously? Every order we do ends up taking hours to agree on, and that’s with me not moving an inch on either price or delivery date, because I know what I’m worth and I know my schedule. They’re also frequently underestimating their word count. Like, they’ll ask me for a custom offer of 1500 words, and I tell them when that will be ready and how much it’ll cost, but then they send me the files for review and it’s twice that.

Basically, I spend way too much time on communcation with this buyer and I don’t want to deal with them anymore.
When is the right time to block them? They haven’t marked our last order as complete, and they rarely if ever leave reviews. How much time do they have for leaving reviews? I don’t want to block them and then get a bad review when they notice. Or should I risk a bad review just to avoid the headache?


That is pretty sucky …

Wait for the order to autocomplete and then block immediately …


It’s good if you can indicate politely to them that you are not going to be able to take any more orders from them. You don’t need to make an excuse other than to say that you are cutting down on your work hours or something general.

Blocking previous clients is a tricky subject that I am never sure about so I will leave that for someone else to answer.

Difficult clients often seem to enjoy the back and forth you are forced into with them so if that isn’t present it can help. Not answering fast, or the same day, things like that can make them seek another victim.


Buyers have up to 10 days, after the order has been marked as complete, for leaving their review.


I’ve blocked buyers before … just chose " had a negative experience". Honestly - you won’t get into trouble and it will save you a lot of stress.

Now, if you can tell me how to deal with someone who regularly messages with some issue, I offer to take a look … suggest a fee … and then he says I’m too expensive for him - that would really help.


Oh! Me too. All … the… time with lots of them. They come back for weeks and months over and over. Always a slightly different problem, always several long messages. It’s terrible.

Mine don’t say I’m too expensive they just leave, only to come back in a week, or a month, and keep that going indefinitely.

I blame them showing other people’s gigs on our gigs. They jump from gig to gig rarely purchasing, just lured all over the site by seeing so many gigs on top of other gigs on the same page.

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10 days from the moment the order is marked as complete.

I like to keep an eye on all the weird buyers I’ve encountered through the years and not block them but this week I’ve regretted that decision twice. So make sure they have all the files they can possibly want, wait for 10 days and set yourself free.


Block them. I’ve gone through similar situations and still encounter them. Last year, I even had a buyer like this almost ruin my business. They had been a regular buyer for 4-years. Then they started ordering 4-8 articles on a gig set with a 1-day delivery time.

When this started happening, I started sending requests to extend the delivery time by a few days. However, they never accepted these. Then when delivering orders, I’d ask the buyer to contact me for a custom quote for their next batch… However, they never did this either.

Eventually, I had so many late orders from one buyer, I was demoted to level zero. Trying but often failing to get their work ready on time also resulted in the quality of my other deliveries suffering.

Finally, I blocked this buyer. I’d been holding off doing so because they were a regular. However, I’ve never regretted the decision. - And I quickly began making more money by having more time to spend on more lucrative projects.


I have a 2 strike policy as in our line of work quoting often needs a precheck of their issue, therefore demanding time.

If they ask for a quote twice, specially if they just disappear without telling they’re not interested, but don’t place an order…by the third time I won’t bother with them.

I’ll either tell I’m too busy or get a number of thin air, double that amount and tell them that’s how much it’d cost. You won’t get their business, but neither you’ll be wasting time on them.

Of course not everyone that declines an offer it’s a waste of time, so trust your gut.


Leave a bad review for them and block them. That’s it.
Life is too short to deal with troublesome buyer on fiverr.


How do you block them, with the report button on their profile, or with the app? I rarely block anyone.

Someone reported they got a warning for blocking his buyer, but it might have been because the buyer had revisions coming he wasn’t able to get because the seller blocked him.

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You block them, as soon as you feel they are taking advantage of you. It doesn’t matter if they’re a repeat customer or not - if someone is inconveniencing you, or trying to take advantage of you - you have the option of blocking them. YAY! :partying_face:It was a wonderful day when fiverr gave us the power to control who we deal with as independent contractors. I love that option. I have had to block a few repeat customers for similar reasons - and it was a HUGE relief.

I had one regular customer who (for whatever reason) was having a really bad week. She ordered from me two times in a row. and gave me a 4.0 review both times - which knocked my over all rating way down. I was horrified when I got a notification that she had ordered YET again. So, for “damage control” I approached her about how her week was going etc, and essentially became a counselor for 15 minutes. She was having a rough time in her personal life and business ventures, and taking it out on me, when things didn’t for as she had anticipated.

Long story short- on her final order - she gave me a stellar review, 5 star, and I blocked her, because I simply couldn’t afford my rating to be affected by a buyer’s personal circumstances and mood.

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I like that ‘number of out thin air’ thing. And doubling it - it sounds like fun!


I raise the price of the quote each time. :chart_with_upwards_trend: to cover inflation.


I call that an “idiot tax”. I haven’t had to use this in some time here or on my own site. LOL