The Right Time To Hike Up Prices


Being a fiverr seller, have you felt like you are offering your services at much lower prices as compared to those selling the same service outside fiverr? Do you think you are charging less when others on Fiverr charge more? If you are considering to hike up prices, when is the ideal time to do so and what percentage of increment would be reasonable?


Yes. I felt that way however I want to make sure that I am expanding with enough resources before hiking the prices, till then I’ll offer low priced good quality service here. I may even go for the extras but for that I have to make sure that I have sufficient resources and time to extend the offer.

I think ideal time is when you are getting more orders and being questioned for offering more which you can’t do. At that point, you are supposed to hike up price and offer gig extras. Just my way of looking at things.


Reply to @ryuken: Thank you for the input :)) and all the best too :slight_smile:


This is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

I wish there was a $15 option, especially for the express gig. I went on holiday for a week not too long ago and temporarily removed my express option - when I returned, I hiked it from $10 to $20, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten the right buyers or what, but in a shorter time than I thought possible, I’ve had about the same amount of express gig purchases as I did with my $10 since I first added it (some months ago). That’s not to say that I’ve had a lot of them, but “enough”. I thought I would either get people complaining or just no express orders and that I’d have to revert back on it, but so far so good. (Aaaaand I probably just jinxed myself.)

When it comes to other things, I do agree with @ryuken, that it’s a question of demand really. I might want to hike the cost of something up a bit, but until I’ve had that extra actually ordered (and ordered a lot), I should probably wait (even if I think/know that it’s worth more and that others do charge more and actually, maybe I should have it as a separate gig… the little grey cells are working hard now!).

@jasveena, do you think there is an ideal time to hike your prices - or, to be fair and much more accurate; look your prices over and change them to your benefit rather than the buyers.


It all depends on what you sell really.

I deal in Likes. Real ones. I only deal in 50 per gig, and can only do a Max 100. Again, because I actually provide real ones. Anyhow. My point is that almost all other likes gigs sell 500, 1000+ for the same price. Yet I have, at times thought of lowering my likes count, for a Fiverr. Even though 50 is low already, compared to other sellers.

However, the difference is I don’t use ‘Bots’. So I actually pay/compensate my network to do this. And I feel a real like is way more valuable than a Bot like. Even though most of my network doesn’t even look at the pages they like. It’s all about the money for them, so conversion rates and activity on a clients page happens very little. But, they’re still safe, good for SEO and don’t drop off. I have an active account with Facebook for Likes sales, which I use from time to time if I need an extra push for my likes service. But they charge wayyyy more for their likes service.

So, hiking up my price, for a good service sometimes seems like a good idea. Even though sellers selling a similar service sell way more for way less. Quality talks. And then, I think why fix it if it’s not broken and leave the price the same.

The point of my story is that again, it depends on what service you provide. But it depends more on what kind of quality you want your name associated with. If you charge a little more, but offer a stellar service… buyers will eventually come. And you’ll build a good repeat client base. But don’t overdue it. There’s always 100 people looking to pick up your slack if you mess up.


Reply to @marsch001: I feel the extra fast gigs should be charged appropriately. I have set my extra fast at $5 for most gigs but I was away for my convocation and extended the delivery time temporarily and that is when I hiked up the extra fast price to $20 and guess what, people bought it and I gave them good customer service so it was a win-win situation.

Another issue here is whether your service charge covers the re-delivery or post-delivery customer care. I have customers coming for small changes and for some gigs they would need follow ups so I have recently reviewed my price for some gigs.

If you give exceptionally well customer care service and good communication, I think it is fair to hike up prices accordingly because we promise hassle-free transactions.

On the other hand, if you think you are giving quality service, as you progress further, the price can be increased and not exactly depending on the volume of sales you get. You can’t be offering services way cheaper than the actual value or increase prices ridiculously. Whether you have steady amount of demand or not, you should start from a standard value which you are comfortable with.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I think you managed to do a bit of self-promo. LOL But your gig is doing good so yes, quality matters the most!


@jasvenna - Yes. Yes I think I did. Wasn’t the original intention. Just kind of… came out that way. I’m not complaining though. Managed to say my relevant piece and, like you said… thr


Reply to @bachas85: Hahaha, you read my mind Bachas! I am having a few video gigs (testimonials and trailers) and I must say that doing longer trailers and videos are time consuming because you need to be perfect while saying what needs to be said and this is a hassle.

you can always let us know if you found his video and I have watched one of his videos before and I definitely think he is wise by saying that is is reasonable to charge more for longer videos.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: haha, it is okay ! :wink: