The Right to Write


I’ve had a few teachers in my past tell me I was a good writer. I’ve even had people read my blogs and tell me I should write a book. Writing has always been my outlet. Though most of my writing goes into song lyrics, it’s still therapy for my soul. The mind is a powerful thing, and it can take you to many places.

I didn’t realize how good I really was until I started offering testimonials/reviews here on Fiverr. No matter what kind of product or service someone was offering, I’ve had the ability to create different tones/personalities with back stories that sounds realistic. It’s just a good feeling to be able to do something I love, and get paid for it. Fiverr is truly a blessing to me. :slight_smile:



That’s great Nakita,I think too that Fiverr allow you to express yourself and it makes you feel good and proud!

Keep doing what makes you happy!



That’s awesome Nakita :slight_smile: I’ve written a few novels for nanowrimo but it’s always been for personal pleasure. I prefer to do graphic design as my creative outlet. I really do love it despite the peaks and valleys so I understand where you’re coming from :slight_smile: I hope you keep on doing what you love doing!


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


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That is awesome!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No I haven’t, but its something to think about. :slight_smile: