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The saga of spam continues

I admit - this has been written about around hundreds of times - even I have posted about it! But… I think I have encountered the most interesting newbie-who-thinks-they-can-message-other-sellers.

Mind me, I’ve been down with a real bad toothache all week but this conversation made me crack up so… Thought I’d share it! (I do admit I was a bit more aggressive than passive in my reply to them this time but… please. Normally, they go straight to spam but I really DID want to be kind!

person: Hlo

Moi: Hi! How can I help you?

person: Yes

(by this message, I was somewhat like ‘hmm’ but some people do type that way, so…)

person: NOT YET

person : Who earn on this project if u nvr mnd to tl me ABOUT?

Moi: What do you mean - ah would you like to know more about game writing?

person: No, dear, I contacted you because I found out that we can earn from this platform, so I am asking you to confirm how much you have earned from here

(some other random bits about me not saying it out loud because I won’t…)

Moi: Look, I’m in a good mood so I will be kind - if you read the ToS you’ll see that you are NOT!!! allowed to contact other sellers (not even for questions)

You can try asking about this on the forum - but many people might not want to share. It depends on your talent.

PERSON: Thanks, you can go now because I’m in a good mood too

Uh… thanks…?

One of these days I’m going to send a custom offer to one of these people and laugh when they accept it . (but also not really, don’t want to get in trouble.)

I’m not sure why but this just seemed hilarious to me for some reason, they often do but I do feel like people have to stop at some point since if I was doing what I wanted to (wallow in self pity with an ice-pack and Netflix) my response rate could have gotten hurt. I do think that the spammers are getting ‘smarter’ (they don’t start the convo with ‘hi how can I gets orderz’


This is one of my Spammer QRs

Hello, User Name, :wave:t2:

If you’re interested in making a purchase, please provide the following information:

  1. Is the text in MS Word? (That is the only format in which I work.)
  2. What kind of writing do you have for me to proofread?
  3. How many words are in the text?
  4. Which type of English do you use? American, British, Australian, or Canadian?
  5. How soon do you need the work completed?
  6. Are you willing to buy a rush fee for quicker delivery?

I am awaiting your reply.

Vickie :tulip:

This is one for spammers who ask for work.

Hello, User Name,

I would be happy to discuss that with you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please hold on while I prepare a custom offer of $30 for 30 minutes of my time to discuss anything you wish.

I look forward to our discussion after you have accepted the custom offer.

Vickie Spencer :tulip:


Oh that is absolutely perfect though! Honestly, I am always up for a bit of trolling but… in the end it does take up too much time and even though I used to think I have endless patience as an ex-kindergarten teacher/nanny, that doesn’t always translate to spammers! I haven’t gotten any messages this week (well, spam… So I was starting to feel like something was amiss!)
Did you ever get any sort of reactions for these messages that you’ve sent?


Nope, I did not, they went silent after I replied with one of these.


Cool, i love topics like this :smiley:
Other than someone asking question about how fiverr work that i have redirected to forum and who didn’t spam, and the usual “how can i help you ?”, “yes”
I haven’t got a lot of specimens yet in my DM box


Hahaha that’s enough already though!
Honestly what had me laughing here was their attitude - if any of these people spoke decent English and were polite I wouldn’t mind all that much but most of them are just so… gruff I guess?


I used to get these all the time when I first became a TRS. I usually never got them when I was a level two seller. It calmed down somewhat lately, but I think that’s because I increased my rates so I get fewer orders on my translation gig. That gig seemed to be the one attracting spam. Less orders, lower placement, less spam. I still get a few orders every now and then, but I focus mainly on my voice over gig and my regular buyers over at the translation gig now.

Some categories seem to be more prone to this than others.

It’s the exact same messages you get. It’s really annoying!

I made a thread about it here:


I used to send an offer for a marketing consultation to them.
They would say they don’t want to pay for me to answer the question.
I would say then they are just sending spam so I should report them.
They would then beg for me not to followed by apology and then followed by more of the same kind of questions. Now I think it’s better to just report them immediately and let fiverr decide what to do with them.


That is where I got the idea to send the QR I posted above. :wink:

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I had someone send me this exact same message a few weeks back the only differences is that after I told them that sending messages to other sellers is spam they went on for like half an hour just sending me messages about how “unhelpful” and how I am an awful person. Since then, I just mark these messages as spam and move on.


My chat box is under assault of these kind of messages the past few days. Must be some kind of genius on YouTube giving desperate people “tips” to get their first sale on Fiverr. Somehow, my impressions also skyrocketed at the exact same time I started to have such nonsensical requests / exchanges.

Fiverr team should address this problem, because on a more serious note : I am under pressure to maintain my response rate KPI. I don’t want to wake up in the morning with 8 messages solely saying “Hello Mam”, with 7 hours that passed and without having provided an answer and then with my response rate potentially going up for absolutely no valid reason.


Look on the bright side, at least they apologized :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I don’t think I’ve received any apology from those spammers, they usually get
all angry and snap back, calling me greedy.
Well excuse me for getting orders as a result of honest and hard work!


Send them to me.

I will have an earth shattering, rousing conversation where I teach them my “secrets” to making a million dollars.

My tips will include: getting them to change their profile picture to a picture of them in a hand drawn mustache.

Rewording their gig language to “first, let me tell you what I won’t do hoss…”

Discussing the artistic merit of making a gig video, shirtless, in a Thor cap…

And telling them that customer service secretly bumps your gig ranking per every video of you consuming five espresso shots, sent directly to them.

Then I’ll bring the conversations back here and we can all have a thread to write home about.


A funny one that I remember was:

buyer: “link my gig without saying anything”
me “hello”
buyer “hi”
“don’t say anything for 5 minutes”
me “are you interested by video editing services ?”
buyer “YES”
“don’t say anything for 5 minutes”
me “do you have any project in mind and what are you looking for ?”
buyer “WORK”
me “ok”
“don’t say anything for 5 minutes”

So I didn’t reply to see how it goes and buyer never replied back.
I even wonder if it was a human behind the keyboard :rofl:


I am so sorry to hear that you are still receiving them… I noticed the same thing you did with the impressions and clicks going up wildly. My graph looks a lot like yours. For me, it often even lead to 0 new sales or inquiries by real buyers during those periods. My theory is that my conversion rate dropped to rock bottom because of the spam, and Fiverr pushed my gig to the back because of this.

I contacted CS last year when it was at its worst for me. They simply told me that they can’t do anything about it as they cannot predict which users are going to be spammers. Of course, that makes total sense, but it is still annoying that we are left struggling to maintain our Response Time.

The last couple of days, I have woken up to a few spam messages every day. I am not sure how long my 1 hour Response Time is going to last at this rate.

This is one of the ones I got this morning. I had a bit of a long day yesterday, so I woke up a bit later than I normally would today, and it had already been there for a bit more than 4 hours. There was also another “hi” message that had been there for 6 hours. Totally random message:

(And, no, this person is not from Egypt either, so the question makes no sense in any way)


I have no idea where he “saw” you’re from egypt :rofl:

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Map of Egypt and your profile image have same color palette.

Very suspicions.


Maybe I was an Egyptian in a past life. :thinking:

@marinapomorac’s post certainly makes me think I was. Like that just can’t be a coincidence. I am now identifying as an Egyptian! :joy:

I still love your videos, @marinapomorac! :joy:

Seriously, the person who messaged me has purchased several services on Fiverr, so it is not like they don’t know how it works.


What the hell … this is ridiculous. I’m as happy as saddened not being the only one in this situation. Standards to maintain from Fiverr have flaws that need to be fixed.


I might end up sending them your way then hahha
No but seriously I did ponder about messing with them (especially the rude/odd ones) but I do think they are bright enough to realise when someone’s just joking/trolling them…Although… Who knows.
I have noticed that some really just don’t get how the site works which is well, fine.
Sometimes I am curious about what length people would go to for 4 bucks - which is both sad to see how desperate one can be but also funny when you realise they are spoonfed tidbits of info like ‘fiverr needs no skill’ and the like.

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