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The same number of orders every month? How does it happen?

I was looking at my analytics page and have it set on Overview, This Year.

I have the exact number of orders for January and February, and the exact same number of orders for April and August, with the same earnings amounts for the corresponding months.

It’s as if there was a set amount of orders per each month I’m allowed.

The other months of this year were in a steady downhill slope due to the algorithm change and my taking two weeks off.

Does anyone else have months with the same number of orders and earnings?

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I can’t answer your specific question since I am new here.
But I have noticed one thing here that search results vary each time. Most of the time random sellers with random badges show up in each row and each pages. I think Fiverr is trying to shuffle things.


The analytics do not work yearly for me, never have. Only the last 30 days and 3 month options seem to work. Annoying.


I think it’s because they only introduced the new analytics this year, so none of us have any data for previous years.

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I started February 2017. I have more than 3 months to see, yet I can’t. The year option just loads and loads forever, instead of just showing me the year (starting in January, with everything at 0) until now. Bad bad bad.

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Hm - that’s an interesting one - have you asked CS?

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Nope, I don’t like to contact mystic entities. Either I can talk, real time, via chat with someone or I’m not gonna bother to send messages and e-mails at all.

Anytime I have such technical troubles, though, those mystic entities do some ritual they refer to as ‘refresh your account’ and miraculously everything is working again then, all weirdly out of sync dashboards work, all rates are again what they should be… and all that with sometimes a single invocation. And depending on when you invocate them, you even might get a ‘Happy Valentine´s Day’, complete with balloons! True story!
Yeah, anyway, worth a shot if you´d like to see the data bad.

On topic: no, all different.


Analytics doesn’t work at all. I contacted CS before about it, and they “fixed it”… I had a problem that all year cancellation was in one month. Even earning on current month didn’t worked at all.

That’s why I am keeping excel file and have monthly/yearly analytics. And it is much more accurate like that, then with their analytics.