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The Scam of Country Location. Am I wrong?

Here’s my RANT:

It seems to me that more than a few Buyers and Sellers are scamming their location.

Example: someone claims in their profile that they are in X country, and X time zone. Usually, this is done to fake their location as US…and they are in (pick one: russia, china, etc.) (since most searches are for US Sellers)…

Am I wrong here? I’ve run into more than a few of these, and was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? Is it a problem? Are they allowed to “catfish” their location?

Have a great day Sellers!

Rant Over

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Yes and no.

We have a situation where the seller is obviously on one location (country) and Fiverr is showing him differently and it is very problematic since the Fiverr time is 12 hours ahead of his actual time so when he is sleeping Fiverr shows it is his day time.

So it is a duality, people using VPN to fake and Fiverr bug.

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the VPN! I forgot about using that! that’s how they do it…

They might do it but not for long.
Fiverr asks for ID verification and automatically puts a country on your profile where ID was issued.

E.g I’m travelling a lot but a country on my account always stays the same after ID verification.


Is this 100% accurate? This would mean that I can have my location put back to the UK. :

I also know some other UK expat sellers who have their current location showing on Fiverr, not their original country of citizenship.

See? I’m not the only one thinking of this -the next thing that comes to mind is if people are using the VPN and other ways to be a seller from another country? is this even possible?

(sidebar: can fiverr please darken the progress bars in the upload bar when uploading a delivery?)

That’s how it worked for me.
My country used to change as I was moving. But when I submitted my ID it automatically changed to the UK even though I was in a different country. And it didn’t change since then


You can avoid location scammers by choosing sellers with high pricing gig.

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i recently ordered a logo from a seller who was from an eastern country such as india, i don’t quite remember where. i’m from the UK, and their only 5 star review at the time was also from the UK. during the two weeks that the logo construction took, their location inexplicably changed to UK, however their time zone didn’t…

looking at their profile now, they are still “from the united kingdom”, however it is currently 11:40 AM for them and 7:40 PM for me, as it is throughout the UK

Where does that leave me then, and new sellers like me?

Is location important?

Credibility is important - and if someone lies about their location…? i imagine most do it due to perceptions about their home country - unfair, i know - but that’s my guess.

Sorry there is no solution for you.

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Hahaha. Karma is real.

At the exact minute you posted this I got an order on my best selling GIG. And he selected the most expensive package.

Thank you!!!

EDIT: Unfortunately maybe I am going to lose this one. He asked me for some overlays for video, sent me his logo, and I just returned to him with info his logo is stolen from another company online, already trademarked it.

So, either they purchased the same logo from the same seller (he/she sold it twice) or designer stole logo from my client or his designer stole logo from other designers.
My buyer was pretty responsive from the beginning, but now after the message, his logo is stolen he is not responding. Not only I am going to lose order, but he probably will never use Fiverr again.

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sorry to hear that…

hopefully he’s in liaison with customer support and the cheeky chappy who sold him the duff logo

maybe you’ll get a logo gig out of this too :slight_smile:

Maybe :smiley:
But he already spend money on it. So it will depend on his budget. I am not going to provide my business package at price of individual logo.


indecently, would a simple package cover me for a personal (so not monetised or connected in any way to any business) youtube channel?

Ok, now I have to apologise. I replied to you yesterday but for some reason I can not see my reply.

On desktop if I refresh this page it shows it, but if I open new tab or look under my activity post is not there.

Sorry. I would never not respond to a message obviously directed towards me.
Message is not flagged, is just not there.

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