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The scammer buyer wants more work from agreement

Hi I hope you are well :slight_smile:
4 days ago one of my buyer asked me to make a custom offer for 4 websites migration to new host.
On gig requirements he putted quite different two websites in which one website is suspended.
Later he asked me to migrate mentioned one of gig putted website and one quite different website.
Later he said he wants five more website work but i said i will charge extra but he is not agree to pay extra.
So what you think should i deliver order because on gig requirements he said for two websites and i did two websites as per his request( one from gig requirements and one from inbox request) ?
Or what i should do in this case suggest me .
I have also contacted customer support and gave all proofs and they said they can cancel order only in this case and funds will be go back to buyer and it will also decrease my order completion rate.So please all fiverr sellers suggest me what i should do in this case.
I will really appreciate you all.


I am a bit confused.
You said the custom offer is for “4 websites migration to new host.”
Then on gig requirements, it is “2 websites”.
Then you did the work for 2 websites (if I am correct).

Later he required “5 more websites” (that makes 7 in total).

So in the end, how many websites did you promise to work on? And how many did the client ask for?


Firstly client asked for offer for four websites and on gig he putted two websites.One i did and second was suspended i mean i was unable to that.Later he said for another one site more in inbox that i did.yesterday he asked for more 5 websites but then i said that i will charge extra but he is not agree and telling stories and is not more serious

So to sum it up, you promised to work on 4 websites.
You did the work for 2.
Clients asked for 5 more, which makes 7 in total.

If you are confident that you did your job properly, you need to stand up for you business.
Tell him you will charge extra since the deal is for 4 websites only. Otherwise you will only work on 2 more and close the order.

Do notify CS beforehand just in case.

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I’m already in contact with customer support.please look here and then suggest me what i should do now The client is also not providing me further websites login info and i’m helpless in this case ?

My advise is keeping your cool in both the support ticket and the order page.
Keep the message clear and simple.

Regard your order, you should do as the Fiverr staff suggest: draw the list to show buyer what you have done, and tell him he either pay more, or you will work on 2 more websites only.

Maybe you can give a discount for the extra work but do not cancel the order.

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Ok thank you so much i’m now going to client and definitely i have to work extra but still i don’t want to cancel the order so i will do :roll_eyes:

I am really really confused.
So you sent a custom offer with a price for 4 websites, right? But in requirements he put only 2 websites for the price of 4 websites? And you did only one website, is that correct?

So from 4 websites that you agreed you made only one? And now you are refusing to even cover other 3 websites out of 4 that agreed with your client?

I mean you English level is quite bad because even right now it’s very difficult to understand what is really happening so your client also might be very confused why you charged him for 4 websites but did only one and asking for the extra payment.


Yes you are right.

Yes you are right.

Yes i did one of them from gig requirements and second website was suspended so i was unable to do that and i also clarified it to buyer . and then i did one more extra website that he requested through inbox.It’s mean i did total 2 websites.

No i did two one from gig requirements and one through inbox he requested.

No i’m not refusing to cover 2 more websites but he wants now total in 7 websites in same gig price but i said i will charge extra but he is not agree to it.

He is confused with his both websites hosting providers .Even when i contacted to customer support of that hosting they told me this buyer confusing stories that he has always :smile:

He is not confused in actual but wants to become confuse :smile: as i understood him.Even i completed 70 orders here with 5 star but never faced this type buyer

Then if he paid for 4 websites and you did only 2 why are you refusing to make 2 more websites that he paid for???

Just tell him that you wouldn’t make 5 more website, that he paid for 4 from which you already did two so he can ask you to make 2 more websites. (That he already paid for by the way so you can’t refuse not to make those 2 remaining websites

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He is not mentioning two exact website to do as i told before on gig offer are different sites and on requirements are different.

He is not agree to this and also not agree to pay extra

I’m ready but he is not on his path
So suggest me what i should do because he is just telling stories ?

It looks like you are also keep ignoring what I’m saying so it’s up to you what you want to do.


Even through all the difficulties i did all the work that he requested without charging any extra.Anyway thanks to all of you for assisting me.I was just depressed how the buyer have more rights here even he plays with fiverr TOS.But at last i thought to get my money even i did extra work.But i’m assure about it that buyer have more rights here.Because two months ago i used inappropriate language with my buyer and got warning but here the buyer used bad language with me and i also reported him to fiverr but nothing found and he got no any warning

But you charged him for 4 websites and created only 2 websites! How is it unfair to you? What extras you gave?

If he accepted your custom offer of four websites to be migrated then you have to do four websites.

If he later wants five more, then he either has to pay for five more or he does not get them. Say no unless he pays for that.

He was not ready to pay extra and when i contacted to customer support they said that they can cancel order for me but it will affect my order cancellation rate so i was helpless.

Unfortunately it is the same everywhere. I work on several freelancing platforms and I am also selling products Ebay. The way how they treat sellers there is worse.
Fiverr is still one of the best place imo.
Take it as experience and solidify your gig’s terms of service to avoid future issue.

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