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The scenario of new sellers on Fiverr


The scenario of new sellers on Fiverr

I am writing this article for the new sellers who are looking for the first order on Fiverr. I am not sharing the magic tricks but just sharing an approach one should have…

How to get an order?

I am not getting order…

2 months with no orders…….

In this article, I will discuss the scenario of a new seller and what kind of approach should we have.

When we do not get our first order, we start to get depressed and become more prone to negative thinking.

Getting the first order on Fiverr is quite difficult. Is it a myth or truth?

We usually start to feel depressed when we do not get any orders for months. We searched through the internet for the solution but cannot find it. We do not analyze ourselves and remained busy for finding a trick to earn our first five dollars. While searching for a perfect working trick, we got depressed and feel exhausted. We foresee that nothing is going to work out for us. We read stories of successful sellers for motivation but still don’t get it. We want to become successful but not ready to pay the price for it. All these mitigating circumstances add fuel to fire and make us a pessimist.

Some of us are reluctant to land on a job due to the fear of less knowledge or due to rejection by the client. We often forget the universal rule that no one is perfect. We forget to value ourselves. We do not consider every successful person was a newbie in his field. This fear is the most dominant factor of our failure. We never think that what will happen if we try? Whether we succeed or not? The first step is always hard to lift. How we can know if we do not give it a try? We are not perfect so do not wait to be perfect. But we can be unique so try to be unique.

Every individual has a certain type of behavior towards its life. We are the architect of our lives. We have to build it. No one is going to help us unless and until we are not willing to help ourselves.

Learning is a process, it takes time. We will have to take an initiative if we want to succeed. We have to find our own ways and techniques to become successful. We are not ready to perform our work and complains that destiny is not with us.

if we want to succeed, we will have to change our approach towards our life and goal. we have to focus on our priorities. we cannot keep on complaining that a certain thing or technique is not working for us. we have to make it work. we have to put in efforts to make it work.

Be calm and relaxed, be patient, keep digging, keep learning and the day will come when you will be the one you want to be.

Important Note:
I am also a new seller on Fiverr waiting for the first order and still honing my writing skills. I was thinking of writing something so I decided to write this article. I do not mean to offend someone. I am sharing my thoughts with you. I am a non-native English speaker. If you find some mistakes in my writing, please let me know so that I can learn from you.

Bilal Ghazali


thank you , nice write up . kudos


it encouraged me what you wrote…we have to fight…good lock


Great ! Good luck and I hope you will have a sell.


If you wish to offer proofreading and editing services, your posts and gig descriptions should be error-free.


I don’t mean to be critical but your gig descriptions could use some proofreading. You aren’t quite qualified yet to offer proofreading gigs.


I like this part the most.
I hope there’s a part 2. You’ve been a member since 2015. Once you get your first order I hope you’ll write another post going into details how did you turn the ship around :wink:

PS. Spellchecker would have caught some of the mistakes in this paragraph :slight_smile:


This should be:
“We never think about what might happen if we try, or whether or not we will succeed. The first step is always the hardest.”

This was just one example of something that needs correcting. As you can see, the correction I made is much different than the way you wrote it.

There is no reason to have any question marks in what you wrote, and you have something there written as a question that would not be either a question or even a sentence. Also, you do not lift a step. It’s really quite a jumble.


@misscrystal example is a good one because things like these separate writes from the rest.

The first step is always hard to lift.
The first step is always the hardest

Spellchecker won’t fix it and it’s a sure giveaway that you might have trouble with creative writing. I’m not a native speaker myself, but even I can tell that this doesn’t sound right :slight_smile:


Post Graduate Diploma In English Language Teaching

English must be almost unknown in that part of the world. That’s the only explanation I can think of.

I have an impossible time trying to learn any language besides English, in spite of years of lessons in French and Spanish. For me it’s hopeless to try to learn other languages, so I’m not without sympathy.


Your optimism will lead you to success.


Thank You Yogeshoza for motivation


thanks for commenting


thank you for feedback. i will look into it.


thank you miss crystal. I will qualify for it soon. i expect you to wish me good luck.


Thank you

I created my gigs in Nov 18.


thank you for your valuable suggestions.


Thank you. that is why we call it A.I. Thanks for your suggestions.


Good article - hope others use it for positive impact. Good to share our struggles here & get insight!


A basic spellchecker isn’t AI, but it would surely fix some of your grammar mistakes.
You might wish to look up what AI means. :wink: