The search system has changed again to be LESS accurate


Before, if you searched for:

“2 x 500 native english”

You would be greeted with 3 gigs. Mine, and 2 others.

Now? Over 10 pages of gigs. Outside the three that were there before, not one of them is relevant. They are a mixture of translation gigs, logo design gigs etc. etc.

Looks like the individual search string search just became about 100x more competitive for people.

Incidentally, if you carry out a search for that term and select ‘average review’, most of the gigs on the first page come from logo designers. Oddly.

How a compaby can mess up a search system so abysmally is beyond me.

(my gig is paused, so doesn’t appear, but before I paused it, it appeared on page 10 of ‘relevance’ for that search term, not that anybody would find me like that anyway, just weird how my gig which includes that exact term in the title is not relevant to that search, but somebody photoshopping up to 2 logos is)


Have you checked a few of those logo design gigs?

I’m asking because there’s a guy (possibly a multi, he was temporarily banned from the forum yesterday) who placed one of his design gigs in Translation.


They were all in the logo design category and ‘regular’ sellers with a few thousand reviews on some of them.



It looks like we’re getting different search results. VERY different. I tried searching for “2 x 500 native english”, and I got one result only (either in ‘relevance’ or ‘average review’).


I got 10 and a mix of translation gigs as well as writing gigs.


Same here! I searched: 2 x 500 native english = 1 result.


I’m getting the same as Ryan - over 10 pages of ,mixed stuff.


Same here @offlinehelpers

Got 10 pages, with translation, writing & logo designing gigs.


Yes, I’m sick of logos appearing everywhere. This is a long standing issue but it seems to have gotten worse. Why is it so difficult to omit logo design gigs from searches which do not use the word logo?


Perhaps the translation gigs are there because of the word ‘native’? And logo might be because of ‘native resolution’?


I got just one result which did contain the phrase “2 x 500 native english”.

I did notice something similar recently and all I can imagine is happening is what was said to be happening soon, which is that Tags will become more important and Search Terms (Keywords) will become less important.


As a side-note, I just received the email from Fiverr which you get when you search for key terms. Like, their ‘follow up’ to try and make you buy.

The email was packed with logo recommendations…


This actually happen before…seem to get fixed…and now we are back to the same problem. My gut says it is happening because Fiverr is tweaking the algorithm for Pro accounts.


I got only 1 result too.


Weirdly curious right now as to the wonders and insider secrets of Fiverr’s Algorithm!


Guys we got more competition, but at the same time amount search keywords were increased. You don’t know what search words will lead your buyer to you.
Faver care for good sellers so once your number of orders will go down your Gig will be up to catch some clients.

So my advice is to unpause your gig and wait for a little.

Now search results based not only on Gig title but on description as well. So if you good in writing SEO text it’s your time :wink:


This is incorrect. Fiverr – as previously announced – will no longer be focusing their search around gig titles or descriptions. Gig tags will be the primary search element (although other unannounced factors will no doubt remain). In other words, SEO will not guarantee top search listings.


Try to use one word from the title and one word from the description. Somewhere in search you will be. Of course how to go up and down in search it’s still a secret. Algorithms it’s intellectual property of Fiverr.

Still everything may change with next update. So do what you can with something you have!


I was on here late last night after seeing the search results being simply a completely random mix of any and all gigs on my category without any type of organization.

The first gigs in the recommended section as well as reviews sections were started with new sellers with just a small number of reviews. Each had 4.9 or 4.5 or less than five stars and about 30 reviews yet appeared as number 1 in the rankings.

My gigs don’t appear again and today only got 3 orders from repeat clients.

I don’t know what’s going on here lately.