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The second warning gave me what I can do now?

The second time I gave a 2 warning from Fiverr what can I do now


What exactly this warning says? Can you give us a screenshot?

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Uhh, it’s not your second warning. It seems to be your third.

It seems you were sending unwanted/spam messages to other users and were reported for doing so.

Since this is your third warning and your account is restricted, you may very well be done on Fiverr. As for what you can do now, you can wait for the review from CS, or try to offer your services on a different platform. It might be a good idea to learn what is and isn’t allowed on a website first before operating.


So, it was your third warning, not the second like you said in your intial post. What were the first 2 warnings for? Spamming again?

Yike. This is why you shouldn’t send out too many messages to sellers/buyers. I also receives many spam messages from unknown users as well, and I always reported them to Fiverr as spam. I dislike when people sending spam message like you did to others.

Sorry to read that, but you should have read Fiverr Terms of Service before you sign up for the account.

what we do ? tell me ??

You cannot do anything.

You might actually be done from ever operating on Fiverr again.

CS will eventually notify you in regards to the status of your account, but it doesn’t look good at all from the image you posted.

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There is nothing you can do. If fiverr decides to give you back you account you’ll be extremely lucky. But you’ve been warned twice in the past. I can’t stop myself from wondering why you kept violating the rules you’ve been warned for?

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it’s a very high time on your account now!
you can follow the step now

  • be cool, means don’t do anything negative on fiverr now
  • if possible, you can leave Fiverr for a week (because if you go warning again, then you will be close permanently)
  • just active in the Fiverr forum that will help you to learn many things.

be safe now! it’s not working time but it’s your learning time, learn a big knowledge in this free time.
Thank You.

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He can’t do anything on the main site now, he’s already restricted.

Since he can’t do anything on the main site until CS reactivates his account (which is highly doubtful that they will), he should already be planning on operating somewhere else.

Being active on the Fiverr forum and learning how to operate on the Fiverr platform won’t help if someone is already banned from operating on the Fiverr platform. Such steps should have been taken when starting out.

Make sure to maintain and don’t break the TOS of Fiverr.

You were told multiple times by @enunciator on what to do and expect.

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