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The seller ask me not to pay first but to use my money to run my business first

hi, everyone.
i am totally new here as a buyer.
today i tried to buy a service for running my FB ad account.
the seller asked details and said i dont pay, but let him run my business first.
I feel not sure because:

  1. he can access my fb ad account for all the business. (as a new e-commer i dont know if he has any posiblity to get my bank account details o no)
  2. if he didnt do well, i cant write any feedback so other people would never know right? (i saw he joined Fiverr in May this year, and 10 comments are all 5 )

please anyone can help me with this suitation?
should i insist buy the service and then let him do his job?

thank you


That’s weird. When someone does something weird it’s best to just avoid rather than ask why.
There are hundreds of non-weird acting sellers to choose from instead.


He must be up to something. Try to find a seller with many more reviews and read them. Try to find a level two seller or a top rated seller.

You need to find someone whom you can trust. Anyone who says not to pay him but you are giving him access to your fb ad account isn’t seriously interested in doing honest business. The person you hire needs to have a great reputation so you know he is not going to do something wrong.

A real seller would never tell you not to pay him. The site requires you to pay when you place an order.

The seller you contacted isn’t acting like a professional.


You can smell there is something fishy here…Why would a seller who is on the platform to sell not accept payment for services rendered.

Sellers hold a position of trust once that is gone, change your credentials and contact CS.


I think it might be the seller wants to make sure the buyer is satisfied before placing an order to make sure not to get a bad review?

But I’d avoid this, there are far too many providers here for you to settle with someone that does things in an unconventional way.

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The seller doesn’t want you to pay him (meaning he also can’t get a review) and still wants to do the work? Either he’s super desperate or something’s off.

I would pass on by this. Strange is strange and I wouldn’t risk my business over this. Besides, there’s no protection for you if something goes wrong.


If you don’t start, no one is a level two or top-rated seller. New seller should also get jobs. You can’t say that.

Hey Simba, find a seller who understands your requirement,
and obviously need to order first this site.

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I can say my opinion just like you can. If I’m going to give someone access to my facebook ad account you can be sure I’m not going to do that if I can’t see the seller is experienced.

If you don’t like that opinion that’s ok.

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If your first instinct is to question the seller- but you might still be interested -I would say ask for more verification, or perhaps prompt Fiverr support to investigate the account for the verification instead.
Protect yourself, and your business - don’t feel bad!
Pursue others in the mean time, and put your best interests first.

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The buyer is concerned for his privacy and wants to engage a seller he can trust. Level 2 and Top Rated Sellers have stood the test of time and have been on Fiverr for a while. They wouldn’t risk their reputation.

That is why @misscrystal made this suggestion. No offense meant to no levels and level 1. The fact simply refers to experience as it is related to trust.


thank u. i will try someone else.

thank u Crystal.
i mean it…
thank u, i will try to find someone else.
have a good day


I’m also working with Facebook ads, Google ads & Email automation services for ecommerce brand or personal business / services.

Let me clear something from my end.
Maybe it’s a misunderstanding going on here.

As buyer you want service related your fb ad.
I don’t pay mean in here you will pay your ad cost from your ad account which you already added in your Facebook ad manager as a billing /payment option.

Seller will not provide any Ad cost from his or her debit or credit card. No one will do it.

But if s/he said to let me check as account audit it’s also good for fixing a strategy.
Good people do in this way.

Hope so you got it. :slight_smile:


You need to hire an experienced seller ,experienced sellers are confident in their technology , and will know well they can work for you or not . Because you don’t need to look for someone ” just test your FB account "

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