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The seller disappeared but I have an active order


I just recently started using fiverr. I placed an order ($85) and it is supposed to be delivered on the 28th of March. I tried contacting the seller yesterday but there was no response. When I try clicking on their profile it says the page is no longer available. When I try to send a message via the inbox it says 'the seller cannot be contacted at this time. This was a level 2 seller. I am very worried because I was really relying on having that work done.

Any suggestions?

i would suggest you reach out to fiverr support, either through the order, or through the contact us link. let them know what happened and I’m sure they will reach a benefitial solution for you. The money you paid for that order will not be reflected on the seller’s account unless the order is delivered. Also, you can cancel the order and the money will return to you as fiverr credit, so you can perhaps use it on another seller that can provide you those same services.

I will try that. Does the cancellation have to be mutual?

usually it has to be mutual, but since the seller has been banned, or their account deleted, you can cancel it on those bases. You can also try reaching the conflict resolution team and submit a ticket to see what they also suggest. But in my experience, canceling the order should work, if not due to the new order cancelation requirements, reach out to the support team, this is a straight forward case that I’m sure they deal with pretty often.

It worked. I got refunded. Thanks a lot!
Is there a way to get refunded back on my card? Or the money will just stay on my account?

The money will stay in your Fiverr account. You can ask support to refund to your card which they will do once, maybe twice.