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The seller doesn't do the order but doesn't cancel

I bought the order. The seller marked complete but doesn’t do a thing. I request cancel the seller keeps decline even though doesn’t do a thing. What can i do?

As a buyer you can force cancellation. I don’t remember very well but there should be something like “you can wait for the seller to respond or force the cancellation.”. Just click it.

there is only option request cancel and the seller always decline it

tell me brother I will complete your order

hanhphan said: there is only option request cancel and the seller always decline it

Did the Seller deliver what was advertised to you? Or did they deliver nothing at all? They can deny cancellation, but the two of you need to communicate with the Seller directly before Customer Service will get involved (they will say this).

If the Seller did not deliver anything to you, you need to contact Customer Service and have them assist you. Delivering an "empty" order is a violation of Fiverr's Terms of Service and the Seller can get in some serious trouble - be sure to provide screenshot when submitting your ticket that it shows the Seller didn't deliver anything to what (or what they advertised).

Customer Service will be able to handle these issues and deal with the Seller directly regarding any violations. Best of luck to you!

Reply to @hanhphan: Hi. Did you get it worked out? Were you able to cancel? I wonder how often this happens? So a seller can indicate that he/she ha completed the work though nothing has been done? The buyer should be able to confirm that receipt has been made though. But then are there buyers who indicate that no work has been done, when there has been, and then cancel the payment? I haven’t yet ordered a gig, and I haven’t offered any for sale yet, so I’m still learning the site. I guess there’s no way that we can protect ourselves from this, huh?

Reply to @thepromogirl: Ok. This seems like the answer to my questions above.