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The seller is blackmailing me!


I asked a seller to write a college paper. I clearly outlined all the requirements for him and sent him some samples. For the first revision he copied from one of the samples and only wrote 14 pages himself out of about 40 pages. I had two more revisions. The last revision was 3 days late of the deadline and was a completely different paper from what I asked. He did not follow any of the guidelines and the paper was irrelevant to the topic. Finally I got sick of it and asked him to cancel the order. Now he is blackmailing me! He is telling me that if he cancels the order he will send an email to the university showing them that I hired him for the paper! Isn’t this against the terms and conditions? Someone please help! I spent 400 euros on this and I got a paper that is not worth anything!

Thank you in advance


Well, it’s against Fiverr’s TOS to do academic work in the first place, so you’re both in the wrong. You could go to CS and report him, but they’re likely to give you both warnings or suspend both of your accounts.


Isn’t it against terms and conditions to ask for acedemic work?
Oh let me answer, yes it is!
Contact support and ask them to cancel your order and be prepared for your account to be banned after that as it’s against fiverr TOS to buy and to sell academic work.


@kakhakudava The fact that you did not think of this as a possibility is shocking.

I guess he is doing this longer, and for 400$, that is an extremely high price for Fiverr standards.

If I were you (I would never do this but let’s say I am starting to be you at this point), I would prepare myself for college, finding out that I tried this and promise it will never happen again, and here on Fiverr cancel the order report his profile.

I think he is not even writing anything of quality, but he just established a blackmail system to take on gigs, and by the looks of his confidence, and prices he is probably doing this longer.

So sad.


I sent the user the cancellation request, but he is refusing to cancel it. What do I do? And he told me that if he does cancel he will send the letter to my university. If I contact support I know I will most likely be banned but will I at least get my money back?

Yes. Fiverr will return your money but there is a 90% chance that your account will get banned.

This is so unfair! I’ll advise you Contact support … you will surely get your money back. But be prepared for your account to be banned. So sorry!

You will get your money back since they can’t give it to him.
Your account is going to be blocked.

I would return on Fiverr as a visitor later just to make sure that the seller is also erased from the system.

If he doesn’t get removed from the system, I will make my life priority to get him expelled, but I am like that; I want illegal to be adequately treated - by removing and banning.

You might feel that if you do that, he will retaliate even further, but people like him must be stopped.


Why aren’t you doing your own homework? It is illegal to hire someone else to do your academic work for you, and if your university does find out, you could be rightly expelled. The seller is wrong to blackmail you, BUT, it was wrong of you to hire him to do write your paper for you.

None of us can help you resolve this. We are not going to assist you in breaking international academic laws. You are in a tough position, and you will likely have to face the consequences of your actions.

If you can’t work out a cancellation with the seller, contact Customer Support, but be aware that it isn’t likely to go well for you – both of you.


The irony of someone committing academic fraud venting about needing justice. :joy:


I understand what I did was wrong! But please get off your high horse. Let’s not pretend that students asking other people to help them with their papers is rare. It is bad I admit. But it is orders of magnitude less bad than scamming desperate undergrad students for money and blackmailing them if they don’t pay up.


You willingly broke the law. That does not make your actions better than those of the seller you hired to do your homework for you.


Jaywalking is a crime and first degree murder is a crime. They are not equally bad just because they’re both crimes.

I am not going to argue with you just so you can justify your wrongdoing. Work things out with your seller, or take the issue to Customer Support. Either way, there will likely be serious consequences.

Don’t do this. @kakhakudava

Obviously, they know that what you are doing is wrong, but I am a lead instructor at University for over 14 years.

I had a situation where the student gave me his work, and when I look at the papers, I recognized my work. It was my papers I did as a student.

I did not jump on him immediately and asked to explain. He asked his mother to do the work, and she found my thesis, and she did not know my name, so she took the paper and retyped it and placed his name on top.

I explained to him that all of that is wrong and guided him in the IT room, showed him how to write papers and how to search for resources and what is acceptable and what isn’t.
His next paper was excellent and unique.

But a lot of people did not react like him; they just continue to send me papers they find on the internet.

So as a university professor, I understand all, and I never “judge and punish first, ask later”.

This situation is a learning lesson for you. It only depends on what you are going to learn.
Is doing this wrong and I will never do it again OR
I need to be more careful in the future, but continue doing it.

Take care.


Thank you for understanding

You need to understand that someone who is selling something illegal probably has no problem committing theft.

It’s absurd to think that someone (seller) committing academic fraud would have an otherwise legitimate operation.

When you break the law you waive your right to justice on Fiverr. You should also be expelled.


From Fiverr for violating TOS, I hope you mean only that.

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No. If he’s buying essays and submitting them as university papers that is fraud and he should be expelled from his university for that.


Are you for real?

If my university expelled every student who cheated the system one way or the other in 14 years, we would probably have two students, tops.

Everyone cheats. Some do it on a smaller scale, some on larger. What matters is what you do after the first time.