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The seller is blackmailing me!

That’s wrong.
Contact support they’ll refund.
But your account will get banned that be assured.

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It might count to a point, but intention to murder someone and then losing the gun (and therefore not proceeding with it) is not the same as actually committing murder.

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Contact support, cancel the order, get him banned. Simple. You didn’t turn in any plagiarised materials, so even if he tells on you in all likelihood nothing will happen. The university has no proof whatsoever that you committed any fraud if you didn’t submit that paper under your own name. It’s all conjecture, and they are not going to expel you based on conjecture.

And (it goes without saying) never buy academic work again, specially not on an online platform. And if you do, don’t be stupid to the point of including your name / university etc. in any of the information you send the seller.

Stop rumbling my evil plans!

To be honest, I think my (probably our) generation was the last to be educated in any kind of legitimate sense. I have a friend with a degree in computer science who can repeat all these fancy things about computers but couldn’t accept until I showed him how easy it is to hack pretty much anyone’s wifi. (I haven’t yet found a network that I can’t at least intercept all data from.)

As it is, I see higher education these days as churning out legions of people who just repeat everything they have been ‘taught’ but are incapable of actually thinking. This is why so many services exist that sell academic essays and even dissertations. As it is, people using them are incapable of even being able to comprehend how using them might be a bad idea.

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I completely agree with this. I graduated from college nearly 20 years ago, and when I compare the level of comprehension in my class then, to the younger classes (in general) that I see today, I weep for civilization. I’ve seen far too many college students, in the present, who know little to nothing about George Washington, WWII, or even common sense civics. They expect everything to be given to them (or they expect to hire someone else to do all their work for them), and then they complain when reality catches up with them. Common sense is becoming highly uncommon.


It’s totally against Fiverr’s TOS. Fiverr is not allow this type of work. and second thing He brak the Fiverr roles to do black-mailing you. and if he did not fulfill your requirements you can contact CS. They will check everything and will give both of you good solutions but there is another problem for your academics. if he does what he told you it will be a big problem for you

I think those people with no common sense always existed, they just went to do manual and menial jobs when finished school whereas now it’s a lot easier to get into some kind of college course. In the past decade or so, since the last recession, third level education became a way for government to keep the unemployment rate down.
That much is clear when I see the certificates being handed out for year long courses that provide info that will never be used or could be learned much quicker in a couple of weeks on YouTube.

College education has also been cheapened in terms of quality as it has become big business run by business managers and facilitated by banks who want to see more and more people in the colleges and subsequently be paying back obscene loans for the next 20 years. It’s a similar cash cow to healthcare and just like there is no incentive to make an ill person better, there’s no incentive to turn away anyone from colleges.