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The seller is no longer available

I have an issue with a seller, I am not sure if should worry about it or not ?

I am waiting for a final revision on a logo i have ordered from a seller named “Athena_athena”. Although the seller seemed legit to me, I got a message from Fiveer saying she was no longer available on the platform.

I can still see the order timeline and the chat, I just tried to contact the seller but i can see she is offline for 5 days

In the last conversation i had with seller, she told me that she was going to make the final revisions and needed some time, but just after this, her account was no longer available

Can you please help me with that ? I have already paid, and the order is not completed

Thank you


The seller is most likely banned.

When that happens, every buyer receives a refund.

So you should have a refund in your Fiverr balance.


@donnovan86 thank you for your response. Yes I hope I will get a refund

I have sent a request in the help section and still waiting from an answer from Fiverr

I find it very disappointing because the seller really seemed serious to me

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Check near your name, in the upper right if you are on desktop. Does it show the amount you paid for the order? If yes, you were refunded.

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Thanks @donnovan86

No it doesn’t show yet

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I am really disappointed as I get no answer from Fiverr. Also I was hoping that the seller might answer me after a few days, but nothing.

I will never use Fiverr again, It’s obviously not safe from scamming

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its not scamming, if that happened, it means his/her account must have been deactivated for various reasons. support will help you.


@writer421 thanks for your answer.

Yes I hope support will answer me, it’s been a few days now and no answer

Even though it’s not scamming, I have lost time and money (until I get a refund)

And yes the seller seemed serious to me, so I can understand it’s not proper scamming, but still disappointing to me

The seller might have been banned, however, they might have also deleted or abandoned their account, or something happened to them.
Also, Fiverr might suspend accounts if, for example, a seller can’t verify their identity because they are in a country, where it’s difficult to get the form of ID that Fiverr requires, a suspended account doesn’t automatically mean that a seller is shady. I’d say being suspended is probably the most common reason for a seller with ongoing orders, though.

I once ordered a gig without communicating with the seller beforehand, as it was all very simple and clear, in which case I didn’t see a reason to waste their and my time by messaging instead of ordering the gig.
The seller never delivered nor replied, so I guess she either abandoned her account without thinking of pausing/deactivating it, or something happened to her, so she couldn’t (hopefully the former).
After the gig got into “very late” status, I got the option to cancel one-sidedly (=not needing the seller to accept the cancellation request), and got an automatic refund to my Fiverr balance.


@miiila thank you very much for your answer

I did communicated with the seller before and we agreed on a price (far more higher than presented in the gig in the first place). She delivered the logo in time but i asked for revisions. I actually liked what she did and it’s a shame she didn’t finish the work.

Update : I did manage to cancel the order, and got my balance back, thanks to everyone for your answers and help

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