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The seller is not following my revision request

So I’m having a bit of a problem with a seller. I chose this seller because her samples looked really great and she had many 5 star reviews. Now I am regretting my decision. I received 3 different designs and they looked very plain compared to her samples. So I sent her a very detailed revision request for the design that I liked the most. The next day I received the ‘revised’ logo, but it was completely wrong. She revised the wrong design and didn’t even follow all the revision request at that. I thanked her but explained that she revised the wrong design. I explained the revision details again and she said ok. The following day she sends me and updated version of the right logo that I wanted revised, but no revisions that I requested were implemented. She did something completely different, that I did not ask for. So once again, I told her that the revisions are incorrect and asked her to follow the revision details. At this point I am very frustrated. Each revision is taking a whole day. That is time being wasted because she is not following my instructions. I’m not sure if it’s a language barrier issue or what, but I am very dissatisfied with her work. This was not a basic $5 logo request, I paid much more and now I feel like I have been scammed. How should I handle this situation?


Just go to your order page, find the resolution centre, and request a cancellation.

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Got it! Wasn’t sure If I could once I received initial designs.

That is frustrating! I just got my first gig of an animated video. I liked the video and the response time. However, I had to change the script a bit and I sent a revision request. The seller came back to me saying that it will cost me $20 extra, which I wasn’t told earlier. The description said that the initial payment includes unlimited revisions. I paid that! Once I accepted the video and gave my review, I gave 5 star for the first two aspects and 4 for the last one. In the comments I made a remark about the good parts of the quality and delivery time of the video but requesting the buyers to read or discuss the terms of changes before hand. The seller came back to me to change the review and give all 5 stars before he will release my video without watermarks. I was held at ransom to write the 5 star review as I wanted to get my video in a usable condition!!
I am horrified with this experience and will always question the 5 star ratings of any seller!!

Your case is different, not all reversions are free, they are only free if the seller is at fault. If you buy a two bed room house and realize that you need two more rooms, the expense will fall on you not on the seller. If you specify that you need a two bedroom house with one room on the right and the other on the left, then you receive one with both rooms on the right then the cost to change this will fall on the seller…
When the buyer held the work until you changed the review, the first thing you should have done is report to CS, the seller would then have been given two option either to deliver the work or have the whole thing canceled and you would have been refunded.


This isn’t allowed and you absolutely should report this to Customer Support.


Well my seller messaged me after I told her I would cancel because she wasn’t following any of my revision request. She apologized and said she sent me the wrong attachment and would resend it, but I know that isn’t true. It’s been 2 hours since she replied and it doesn’t take but a minute to send a message. My package was for unlimited revisions and thank goodness because I need for her to get this right today. I don’t have time to start over with someone else.

Wow, that’s not cool. They shouldn’t be able to control their ratings

She could be a reseller.

You order, she buys from someone else, gives it to you – you request revision, she sends it back to the actual designer, takes a day, gives it to you – repeat cycle.

It happened to me. I ordered a gig for rather large sum of money because her profile had great design samples, great reviews and (at that time), I thought the high cost meant she was legit.

I accidently found reviews she left for other various logo designers. She was smart enough not to display any logos on the sellers she bought from.

You just explained the entire music industry.


Good grief. I’m getting more and more annoyed as the day goes by. Now that I know I can still cancel, I’m debating if I should and start over with someone, pushing me further behind, or see if this chick can wrap things up by today or tomorrow morning. I have something I need to move forward with and this chick is holding me back. Ugh!



Have we time-warped back to the 70s? :wink:

It really does sound as if a cancellation is going to be the best way to go - good luck! :sunny:


I say chick and dude, lol. I’m a chick so not trying to be sexist or demeaning. Just how I speak

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What sense are you making??? None at all!!! As a business owner myself, it is my responsibility to find out what it takes to make a customer happy, and then follow through. The above buyer rated the seller and agreed to pay for additional services afterwards. A seller does not have the right to hold the work hostage, after additional payments are made just because they didn’t like the rating. A seller gets paid, and then they deliver. Period! And a buyer has the right to ask for revisions if they pay for a package that includes it. So you cannot compare revisions and reviews as if they are one of the same.

Let me guess… you are a seller???

Nice try but your response has absolutely nothing to do with your original comment and in my case, the seller is making mistakes that she shouldn’t. She is stuck on the first and only revision that I have asked her to do. I gave her detailed instructions and she revised the wrong image. I thanked her but told her she revised the wrong image, explained again what I wanted her to change. She said ok she would fix it and still sent me the wrong revised image. When I questioned why she keeps revising the wrong image, she said it was a mistake and sent the wrong one. This has nothing to do with me not being satisfied with several revisions that she is correctly making because I can’t decide on a look. This is her not being able to correctly make the only revision that I have asked her to do. And the other buyer paid for extra work but the seller was butt hurt about the review. None of this has anything to do with not being able to make the buyer happy. Besides all of that, if we pay extra for it, it’s the sellers job to deliver what we ask.

Please fully read what people are saying before you comment. Your responses are only making you look bad because it shows you cannot pay attention to detail. It also shows that automatically hold a negative attitude towards buyers and can’t be trusted to follow through. Thanks for admitting to me and everyone who is reading this thread that you are a seller because now we know not to do business with you!

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Because in this case it’s feedback manipulation.

Here is a copy of Fiverr’s TOS, I suggest you read it :wink:

Withholding the delivery of services, files, or information required to complete the Gig’s service with the intent to gain favorable reviews or additional services is prohibited.