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The seller is refusing to pay us a refund yet hasn't provided anything over the past 6 months

Other flaming Fiverr sellers…

A fellow Fiverr seller (in my gig niche) orders months ago but supplies no order details.

Last week they requested a cancellation.

I declined by telling informing the seller/buyer that since they were in the same gig niche, they would need to contact CS to have their order cancelled.

Needless to say this seller/buyer is refusing to do this. Instead, they are now attempting to initiate cancellation with:

The seller is refusing to pay us a refund yet hasn’t provided anything over the past 6 months. We have filled a complaint twice and requested a refund. The seller is refusing hereby we request Fiverr to cancel this order and provide us with a full refund.

See why your system is so flaming broken Fiverr?

Why would this sellerbuyer NOT want to contact CS on what is now 4 polite requests by me for them to do so, if they have nothing to hide? - i.e that if CS checks, they might see that this seller has a history of ordering and canceling from other sellers?

Instead, I now get an accusation thrown at me that I am refusing to deliver work and/or issue a refund.

No. Just no. I am so sick to death of this entire broken, scammer leveraging system.

Edit: Now CS has canceled the order. However, in my analytics, this appears as a new seller initiated cancellation. Here we come Level 1!


The Seller should know better. :hushed: (tsk, tsk, tsk)
Wow, sounds like a deliberate sabotage to me.

The Seller made you look like the bad guy, got a refund and Fudged up your stats.

The meme is spot on,:ok_hand:t4: I had to set my :tea: 'cause it was so funny.:joy:


I’ve encountered as well a few sellers in the same category as me that tried to outsourced me and resell the product on fiverr.

Since the buyer won’t contact Fiverr, why don’t you contact them yourself and let them know of the situation.
Eventually, the order will be canceled but I would prefer Fiverr cancels it if I were you.