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The seller make the order complete, took my money but not delivered the work!

Order: #FO31AC2ED212 - $25

I order 10 articles and he deliver me just one article. I ask him to give my money back and no answer!

Can someone please see this order and return my money! Also why I don’t have the option to mark that this order is NOT complete!!


Hi, the seller can’t make the order complete, only deliver it. Only the buyer can mark the order as complete, or, if the buyer doesn’t show up for 3 days after the delivery (the buyer has these 3 days to request modification), the Fiverr system does it automatically.

Fiverr staff doesn’t read the forums. You need to contact Customer Support directly and submit a ticket to them. To do that, go to “Contact Support” link on the top of the page, click, and then click on “Submit a request” link on the top right.