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The seller placed an order, Im an hour away from delivery of the work and they want me to cancel the order. I dont know what to do

Thank you so much for asking this question @shireen_mcf. It will help us alot.


Fight back and don’t simply allow her to Cancel the Order.
You worked for her, not for her client… Who is going to pay your lost hours into that project?

Explain her, that since you have covered all of her requirements, she cannot just cancel the order without good reason.

Many of us has gone through tough buyers. Months ago, there was one, which I can call “Stalker”, because he has found me on social networks. (it is not difficult these days), and as I provide services outside of Fiverr, I have contact information as well. Well that one said he was going to sue me, he was disrespectful etc. One day his wife called me to apologise for his behaviour and to beg me to help him with the project which he has deleted. It was pretty awkward situation and almost funny.

CS didn’t do anything about it, he tried to cancel the order but one day I just found out that his account was deleted (probably banned by fiverr).

I am telling you this story so you don’t loose hope. Stand out and try to defend yourself.


Well, My problem is this has been going on for too long now. Its already been 15 since the order got completed, To top it all fiverr takes 15 days of holding the payment and another 7 to get it to me. Im not sure what I should do here since the customer support keeps asking me to sort it out with the buyer and when we comclude on something, they say that is not possible. She has asked for a hell lot of revisions up until now and I promised her 2 free in the offer but gave her 4 in total. She still wants modifications and the CS says its best I sort it out with her as though Im not trying already…