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"The seller requires some information in order to get started"?

I submitted everything to the best of my ability. Is anyone else having a problem where they receive this notification, and yet they are taken to a page with no way of seeing what “absent information” is required, nor any way of submitting it even if they could.

Same problem for me.

Message the seller and ask what they need to start the order. If the problem is a bug with the system, then contact Fiverr CS.

I have the same Issue and emailed seller but still no response

Had the same issue as well. After not hearing back from the buyer I just put in a mutual cancellation as the countdown had taken off about a day so far. Usually after requesting a mutual cancellation the buyer will either contact you almost immediately or no response at all with it being resulting in being cancelled within 2 days.

Sellers should message to Buyers for required informations to get started.

I’m having the same problem also

I always message back to a buyer requesting the required information if it is missing. If no response within 24 hours, then I put in a mutual cancellation.

I am having same issue, My 3 order pending asking to buyers information. even though buyer gave instructions order not started…

Messaged customer support, they dont even care to reply… 2 Days gone. Still waiting for there reply.

Reading the forum threads, I think there must’ve been a recent system update, which has caused CS to have a large spike in work load. One of my tickets is now 6 days old.

Same problem

I believe as a seller that this is a glitch: when people order from me, they (should) automatically get a message from me telling them what details they need to provide. Sometimes, that message isn’t sent, which means the order isn’t started, which means I’m in the dark…

In short, fun times for all. Some buyers even shouted at me about this glitch, accusing me of not being professional…

You can see my gig

as a saler, i often ask my buyers for extra information, in graphics and stories, this is very important to ensure buyer satisfaction. For example, two weeks ago i had to cancel an order because the buyer submited the details of a story they wanted, but didn’t realize that those details were few and not clear, on top, the gig they had selected was too small for their request, so a sostume offer had to be made i tryed to reach the person over and over again because i do put buyer satisfaction first, but the person never replyed, this was a true shame. If only they would have provided those extra details i asked after placing the order, their experience would had been a wonderful one.

I hope you’re communicating within the order. The messages you send your seller before you order don’t count, they won’t get the order started, and sellers HATE IT when you communicate outside the order.

If the buyers is not online for 2 to 3 days then his not worth buying from.
always make sure you contact the buyer first to know how active he is before ordering from him.
hope it helps

Additional information: “view requirements” button does nothing. “start order” button does nothing.

Please submit a ticket to the Customer Support.

Yes probably some assistance from the customer support is needed over your account.

I have had few issues in the past and they helped me pretty fast, so don’t hesitate, contact them.