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The seller "**********" web designer caused me $1200 worth of damage over $5

Hi fiverr people,

I would like to put my grievance here if fiverr isn’t taking any action against this bad seller called “”******"

I happened to hire this seller to fix ajax problem in my website and this seller did it wrongly which is not a professional method, this guy has damaged my website (worth $1200) when I asked him to fix the rest of the problems that were unfinished.

Finally he changed the coding and damaged my entire website and deleted all the files which were in my website then he demanded to pay $30 to complete the website. $30 is nothing to me but this unprofessional behavior is not good business deal.

The seller “********” web designer caused me $1200 worth of damage over $5.

Now I have no idea whom to blame, either that worst seller or fiverr having such worst seller.

Please help me out fix this problem.

There is not much that can be done to help you. You can report the seller to CS but that won’t really help you. If you entrusted a $1200 site to someone you don’t know, without making a backup of the site files then really you have to take some of the blame here.
It’s not fair, just or good enough from the seller but this is the internet and not everyone can be trusted, whether you are paying $5 or $5000. For this kind of work you have to cover yourself by ensuring that any damage a seller can do is minimized. Unfortunately it sounds like this advice is too late for you.
Sorry for your loss.

Sorry, but I have to agree with Eoin here. If you didn’t make a backup of your website and you decided to pay someone who you don’t know $5 to have direct access to it, your problem here is that you haven’t been as diligent as you should have been in regard to your own business.

I write books as a hobby/ambition outside of Fiverr and this would be like me sending the only copy of a manuscript to a proofreader or editor I don’t know.

The only thing you can do now is attempt to recover your website or start over. Once you have, (and if you are using Wordpress) install a plugin which will not only make automatic backups but send those backups to a dedicated email. This way investments like this won’t ever be able to affect you as badly in the future.

Also, if you are unhappy with the service which you received from your seller, you have every right to review said service accordingly.

Appreciate your help.

Good advice to install that plugin! Most hosting services make automatic backups.

$1200 worth of damage as in lost sales? What metric are you using to price this damage? if it’s sales, then you must have a profitable website going–so why entrust it without backup to someone for $5?

I mean, come on dude. You know what the Spartans did to defective babies? You literally did the same and now you’re making a ruckus. I think we should hear the seller’s side of the story as well. No idea who to blame while clearly blaming someone… now there’s some spartan logic.

How much does he charge to repair the damage he did?

I’m guessing its that $30.

Agree with what everyone else said, you only really have yourself to blame if you didn’t back it up, I mean who trusts a stranger online with their site without backing it up first, that’s like one of the first things you should do with running/owning ANY site!
I’ll fix it for you, for $1195, that way you get your $5 back… :stuck_out_tongue:

The mistake is on both side. I am a web developer and I recommend that you keep a backup of your entire website before hiring any freelancer from any website.

I had 5 clients who came to me because their previous sellers didn’t do the job the right way and destroyed their website.

specially, when dealing with anything that’s even remotely related to PHP and Database, you should make a backup of both your public_html, MySQL database and any other file stored in your server.


There a thing called staging sites. Most web hosting providers have this functionality in their server. When you hire someone next time, make sure that you create a clone site of your original site that’s facing the issue and ask them to fix the clone website instead. When they are done, you could merge these both sites together and all the changes that occurred in the staging site will be inherited by your original site. I always do that before touching a live website.

This way, even if the seller destroys your website, you can still bring it back with the backup you’ve made.

You should contact your hosting provider and ask for the backup if they provide automatic backup solutions. Maybe they do and you don’t know about it. If they do provide the service, you can ask them to restore your website with the backup and hopefully, your website will be back to its glory.

Now, let’s talk about the fiver seller. If it was just a small AJAX problem, you should have hired a seller with atleast 50 positive reviews. If you hire sellers who are new and don’t have anything in their profile to brag about, be prepared for the worst.

You don’t let your new friend to take your brand new Ferrari on a test drive if you haven’t seen him driving before.

Agree 100%, I would have elaborated more like you did but at the end of the day if they didn’t bother to do any of this then who’s fault is it inevitably? :slight_smile:

You are right. The buyers don’t take proper precautions and then cry about their loss.